How to OPTIMISE Your Chromebook For GAMING in 2024

How to OPTIMISE/BOOST Your Chromebook For GAMING

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  1. I have a Lenovo Duet (the first model), don't really use it nor going to use it for gaming, I just want to improve the performance cuz I REALLY HATE how slow it is!
    Lags badly just by opening the Task Manager 🤦🏻

    I followed your video and I'm.. truly surprised!
    Feels like new and the Diagnostics shows everything running perfectly ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. I used this for school to play games and it worked so well I was getting like 2 – 20 fps and now I get more than double that

  3. chromebooks werent originally made for gaming

  4. OMG TYSM bro i like your videos and i was in 1 fps now i am 15-40 and 70 fps bro thx

  5. i just got chromebook gamming and i have 90 fps i want more

  6. This made my Chromebook runs faster and thanks

  7. not wrking i try play fr legends it just coming out bck.

  8. I wanna play beamng on my acer chromebook

  9. Nothing is working my roblox is running at 1-4fps

  10. Nah bros smart af i did this and it works frfr just gotta follow step by step thanks gang 🔥

  11. I swear you could watch some video from 2019 and it cool be best tomatoes to you in 2055

  12. Thank YOU So much! My chromebook is now too smother for gaming thanks to you ☺

  13. My chromebook used to run 10-15 frames but now it's not even 5

  14. I tried to play Roblox bloxburg after but it didnt work, I did everything right but I think it’s just the quality of the game

  15. It kinda works i guess. The game runs smoother but it freezes a bit every 10 to 15 seconds.

  16. holy shit wait this is actually working thanks man

  17. games are loading faster now didnt excpect it to work honestly haha

  18. Bro thank you so much after so long like why have i been wasting my time on doing this ill just listen to this guy and finally, when I play my ping is like 12 ping or 2 so now thanks to TigerFishy i can finally not lag also on youtube where I also lag. Anyways, Thanks!

  19. Thanks a lot bro, now i can play roblox and minecraft without some lag, you really deserved that sub, like and share ❤️ Support from France, watched a video of yours earlier, im glad i checked out your channel, i just wrote all of that lol 😂 thanks a lot

  20. let me try again i think i did something wrong

  21. Couldn’t anything that was on here even thought i search it the same

  22. thanks man your awesome keep the good work up

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