How to Make a Pong Game in Scratch | Tutorial

You can make your own pong game in Scratch! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a bouncing ball game with a paddle, score, “Game Over” screen, multiple levels, and more!

Try it out:

Remix this project (just go to the link and click the green “Remix” button or blue “See Inside” button):

Thank you so much to @speakvisually for editing this video!

Music: “Pacific Sun” by Nicolai Heidlas, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Project credits:


  1. how can i make the arrow keys control the paddle?

  2. why does the paddle and ball move with my mouse?

  3. hwy is my ball so buggy bro it doesnt move like yours

  4. You are a brilliant presenter! Dont listen to any negative idiots.

  5. Game is game of you {you put danger!! You win!!}

  6. What Game Should we make next zoe bentley

  7. i added change colour by 25 to make it rainbow

  8. How to save a game with hiding the codes?

  9. well i made the first back round some hearts i made the paddle a finger and made the pong a button

  10. Hi, can you make a tutorial on how to make a retro pong game? thanks

  11. this did not work because i guess i have a custom sprite the problem is its really choppy and when it hits the paddle it sometimes bounces off and is really glitchy and like teloports and most times it just thinks i hit the death barrier aka the red line so if someone could help that would be amazing

  12. Dinner I want to yell u that the jumper game tutorialu made helped me make my best ever scratch game and my whole class played it!

  13. your going to pay for this😡😡😡

  14. Sure excellent thanks for your support

  15. Making games has never been easier, and at the same time also harder for modern games. I remember programming a pong game in the 80s using just Basic programming language. I remember using sin and cos functions and what not. Very exciting times we live in!

  16. people who use other scratch tutorials


  17. Does anyone know how to make the line invisible but still end the game? because for me whenever I try to make the line invisible the code doesn't work.

  18. HI!! uhm my ball isnt moving at all? I would like to know if im the only one?
    But ty <3

  19. send me links to red ball 3 and red ball 4 pictures, zinnea.

  20. wow this helped me a lot!!! Ty!!!

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