How to Make a Pong Game in Scratch | Tutorial

You can make your own pong game in Scratch! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a bouncing ball game with a paddle, score, “Game Over” screen, multiple levels, and more!

Try it out:

Remix this project (just go to the link and click the green “Remix” button or blue “See Inside” button):

Thank you so much to @speakvisually for editing this video!

Music: “Pacific Sun” by Nicolai Heidlas, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Project credits:


  1. Tysm but the problem I it only say edge ball and mouse pointer it doesn't say paddle

  2. %RandomationsOfficialChannel% #Middweller says:

    How do I make clones of the same sprite collide eachother?

  3. i learned somthing fror this scratch tutorial

  4. this is a really cool game, i think the object will be a basketball.

  5. I have made same to same game by using new idea and new editing

  6. thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!🌹🌹🌹

  7. hey scratch team ,thanks for the tutorials. I Hope they help people such as me

  8. hello my game doesn't do scores is it not right

  9. I don’t know how to put collision but anyways this video helped me

  10. How do we add difficulties in a particular backdrop ???

  11. Thanks Zinnea for using scatch and making games because of u i have fainaly learnt scratch Thank you so so much

  12. Could you try and update scratch to work on iOS please? (Specifically phones and iPads) I know it’s a big request but lots of people can’t use the platform properly because of this.

  13. I'm new, but I LOVE Scratch! How can I add an academic component to someone else's game? I'm a teacher who wants to use this to help my kiddos to learn…

  14. Scratch team my backpack keeps saying error loading backpack when I put something in it. Can you help?

  15. Did you buy the forever loop , because my forever loop don't work

  16. What if you added an “inventions” button in the “choose a sprite” menu, and make it so people can share their sprites with other people, including the code in it! It’s fine if you decide not to do this, it’s just a suggestion. Keep up the good work! 😀

  17. what other scratch project are you going to be doing?

  18. Hey just wanna ask can you make it so when you press create it will ask you if you want your game to be 3D or 2D?

  19. Hi, I tried making a game and I uploaded a png background but it did not load, same thing happened with sprites. If any one knows how to solve it thank you

  20. This game doesn’t work because scratch is terrible and then scratch you can’t even upload something can share it

  21. I really wanted to make this but I did not know how. Then I found this video and you explained it SO WELL. Thanks

  22. i just tried to do it but when i put other background the code doesnt work and it stays on that same background

  23. Thank you so much for the beautiful tutoring. Could you please let me know why do you use 170-190 degrees?Thanks

  24. Hey Zinnea I need help whenever my object touches the edge of the paddle it starts glitching

  25. Hey scratch someone is hacking me whenever I put a sound over 25 secs it erroring loading my backpack even if it was a 1-100 sprite

  26. Can someone help me the score does not work

  27. When my ball touches the paddle it bounce several time before turning back, what can I do? I want it to touch the paddle once and turn back not twice or several time.

  28. your videos are really easy when trying other ones the don't work

  29. I have a question and I want the answer, how do I set the game replay button or the green flag button inside the game, please, I want an answer as soon as possible

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