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This is the same Paper Football game that Nebula and Tony Stark (Iron Man) were playing in Avengers: End Game!

In this video, I will teach you how to make a Paper Flick Football out of a regular sheet of printer or loose leaf paper. I find that the loose leaf is a lot easier to fold since it is thinner, however, both types of paper will make a good football.

Q:Why is this called a “football” if it’s not round?
A: Even though it is shaped like a triangle, it is called a “football” because it uses similar rules to US Football during gameplay. You need to score touchdowns and flick the football to a friend’s “Field Goal” post made from their two hands I_I (Field Goal post made from thumb and pointer). More on the game below.

Q: I know an easier way to make this.
A: So do I, however, I prefer to make it this way. I find it’s sturdier and won’t ever come undone.

Click here to learn the rules of the game!

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  1. LOL!! That was fun. This brings back memories. I can't believe I am middle aged now. Seems like yesterday I was in school playing with a paper flick football. Thanks for the vid.

  2. This the easiest flicker thanks because on all of them I mess up and finally easy flickrr

  3. I rate 4 and a half out of five (maybe even!)

  4. Do you have a shorter version? I got distracted in the middle….never made it. Squirrel moment I guess…

  5. thanks this was super easy and helpful and I subscribed !!

  6. Wow it is nice now I can play with my friends

  7. Haven't made one of those since high school and I have a camp with a bunch of Japanese kids in two days. Now I know what to do on the bus ride, thanks!

  8. onisly its cool and not hard to make

  9. Bro learned it in the first try you are the best man at origami

  10. Football players want to know your location:

  11. Can somebody please tell me how this is related to avengers end game?

  12. Thank you for going slow because origami is very hard.

  13. Your good at making a paper football and you made me get better at making a paper football

  14. "I think I bought this somewhere" Me: really? I thought it got thrown through your window and you used it for a video.

  15. Hi rob I just got done making 100 of these thanks for the tutorial really appreciate it!

  16. I make origami paper poppers, fortune tellers and paper footballs but I do paper poppers different than you but I did one just like yours and it was so fun to make origami is so fun to make. Also never give up if you fail on something just try again un till you get it😊

  17. this is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. Thank You so much for this. This got you an automatic sub and like!

  18. Damn. I remember doing this in school YEARS ago. For some reason I remembered it the other weekend and wanted to make one so I did. Its pretty cool and thanks!

  19. I sped it up to 2x speed and he kinda sounded like a robot 😂

  20. When i tried doing my life channged i learend how to make a football fliker i like it alot thank you

  21. Rob is my favorite origami paper teacher or something else

  22. Thanks this makes so much more sense than other tutorials and it so fun

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