How to Download Pixel Gun 3D on Your Computer! (Play on PC/Mac in 2021)

How to Download Pixel Gun 3D on PC 2021 – How to Download Pixel Gun 3D on Mac (How to Download Pixel Gun 3D on Computer) How to Play Pixel Gun 3D on a Laptop – Pixel Gun 3D PC Gameplay – Pxiel Gun 3D PC Download on Bluestacks – Pixel Gun 3D PC Version (PG3D Pixel Gun World PC Download)



when DREAM Minecraft plays pixel gun 3d…

Hey everybody!! ExxotikGaming here back with a Pixel Gun 3D video I have wanted to make for quite some time!!! Ever wanted to know how to play Pixel Gun 3D on PC? Maybe on a laptop? Or maybe even a Macbook? Well, today you’ll find out how in this video! I explain an in-depth tutorial exactly how to play Pixel Gun 3D on your computer. It’s awesome! Hope you learn something new today!!

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  1. That's so sketchy my pc anti virus detected somet

  2. This will make my accuracy increase alot cause im somewhat good at fps games on pc. Thanks man

  3. it didn't let me download it because it said I couldent
    download it?

  4. 4:00 Darn, the main reason I wanted to get it on my PC, is so that I could delete it from my phone (It takes up so much space, so I can't even update it to play anyway) and still use the same account so I keep my level and weapons, etc. Does it still ban users on multiple "platforms". Does the same happen for BlueStacks?

  5. I am playing campaign mode, and when the crosshair hits an enemy, it auto fires, I want to shoot manually, got any tips?

  6. why won't the middle mouse button thing work

  7. How is it so smooth? Every time I download it and use it my frames is so god dam low

  8. try ipad. the screens bigger and u have more finger room

  9. 3:42
    Me who wanted to play on my lvl 65 account on a laptop: I'm sad 🙁

    I AM VERY SAD!!!

  10. I chromecast my phone to my TV to play pixel gun lmaoo

  11. Honestly PG3D should make a pc version. I don't understand why they haven't.

  12. Tysm this works, however what made it better i didn't have to put the controls in it had everything already

  13. guys phone is way easier than all of this trust me u wont be able to mange how to play well as phone

  14. thumbs down, no subscribe. These types of videos should not be 20 minutes..

  15. Well. It's been a WHILE.

    Can't wait to start fresh without years upon years of cringe on my back.

  16. Mine does not have a keyboard mapping? And im doing this on a laptop

  17. When I go to fps mode it only shows scope/zoom and reload if anyone else is having this problem please tell me if you know how to fix it,

  18. Please help me
    I did the steps you said but i cant download it
    I cant download anything

  19. I think I played pixel gun in PC and not emulator either in 2017 is my memory playing with me?

  20. Хотел врубить виртуализацию – Винда спасибо

  21. Bro thank u so much i cant get the account i have rn but it is so worth it tysm!

  22. Pls help settings doesn't work in Battle royale

  23. Tbh I got VT recommendation to enable and idk how to get in and it really annoys me why

  24. no cap but i used the trackpad and arrow keys for roblox . I played the fps games and was kinda better than my friends XD

  25. THANKS BRO IT WORKS🥵🥵😭😭💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😳😳

  26. bluestack 4 is tooooooo laggy for MAC book and it doesn't response at all. HMMM……..

  27. "Just like you play shooting games on your pc"
    Me destroying people on fortnite😎😎


  29. i tried downloading ldplayer my antivirus said VIRUS

  30. Wow! i haven't played this game since 2010! love it, thanks dude, the nostalgia hits hard!

  31. Dude i remember when i played this in my tablet and got the golden weapons Good times good times.. (Plot twist) my account got deleted ;-;

  32. Why are you wanting us to download ma virus on windows cause my settings just detected a virus

  33. i miss pixel gun 3d back around the time this video was uploaded.. everything is so complicated now and you can literally get multiple legendary weapons in a day just by watching a bunch of ads
    wish there was a popular private server on an old version or smtng on which people can play on

  34. i went to the link and tried to download it, but my pc's antivirus stopped it
    Is it still safe cuz I don't wanna risk it

  35. The LD player emulator is overall great and works perfectly fine on pixel gun 3D but, I been finding some issues when I move directions in battle royale, or free play. I don't know how to fix this problem since I tried everything I could. The classic modes work perfectly find and the majority of the minigames. Do you know how to fix it?

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