How To Block Your School From Your Chromebook


  1. How to block school from Chromebook❌
    How to get expelled, get into trouble and get grounded✔️✔️

  2. On my Chromebook it should still work bc the admin thing is just an extension

  3. Ppl that thought da Notti bop was playin

  4. As someone who did it (on a school iPad also lol)
    They won’t find out unless you have an issue and they find out you won’t be expelled they will just give you another iPad or Chromebook with your school shit
    (Someone told me they signed them back in again without getting a new one but idk)

  5. but you need an admin to get you back in

  6. How to delete everything on your Chromebook*

  7. damn what a nice expell speedrun world record

  8. Bro the audio I thot it was gonna play Notti bop💀

  9. This erases everything on the Chromebook. someone will notice 🤷🏻‍♂️ depends if they care tho

  10. It says enterprise enrollment complete after. That did nothing it just reset the user available settings and files😂😅😊

  11. Esc+the left arrow on the top + power is better

    Btw youpress ctl d to mame it no write protect.

    Letting you imstall your own os

  12. Remove CMOS or destroy bios would be a option

  13. does this get rid of go guardian tho?

  14. Broooo i was waiting for the NOTTI NOTTI BOPPIN’

  15. We finna play Fortnite 💀💀💀💀🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  16. Funny how my Chromebook is nothing like that

  17. Note that if you do this, you’re basically just stealing a computer.

  18. i just added mine personal account and they cant see anything now. They use google manegement thing and thats linked to the account not chromebook. Remember if you get a error and get sent to principal, remove the account.

  19. I Remember I Knew this when I was 6 in my childhood I tried this 8 years ago I got rolled back into kindergarten and never gotten a chrome now here's me making videos about computers LOL

  20. i had an ipad, from school, i brought it home. and i foound a way to wipe it. and get passed mdm lock/device management lock, and the school never knew, i just said my ipad broke…. i need helpp

  21. Bro thank you my school blocks everything😃

  22. Fortnite during school❌ get expelled✅

  23. Alternate title (THUG edition): How to steal and sell school chromebooks, FULL TUTORIAL!!!

  24. It's a school chromebook so it's not your chromebook

  25. I might do that to get that spyware stuff off of it to save battery since my school Chromebook battery is so ass and that teacher control thing isn’t helping considering how it’s always open and just draining battery

  26. And how can you connect to school now

  27. guys that dont work. i tryed it is aoutomatically downloading controll

  28. it workes no expeled the pronceeple got confused

  29. Alt Title: How to get banned from the school computers in about 2-3 minutes

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