How To: Avoid Copyright Claims in Reaction Videos (FAIR USE)

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  1. Can I use any video on my video as long as I turn off the sound? Can I use a video of 50 cent or wyclef as long as the music is muted ? Will I get a strike or no?

  2. I want a full screen of your PC not your face!

  3. What if you decide not to monetize, just to keep the content?

  4. my video is getting blocked and I don't know how to avoid it

  5. Question if I put a movie on YouTube that I know is going to get taken down if I do a silhouette like mystery science theater 3000 and say once in awhile this is my favorite part of the movie would not be taken down.

  6. where is that statement at? was gonna use it but don't see it in the description

  7. HEY! Im in mobile, so can i still do this? Also, my video is copyrighted and I think that means someone people cant view it? I dont know, but i dont make money on youtube. All i want is for my video to be seen more. So would this still work?

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I am new to reaction videos and do music video reactions. It seems in mine there is literally one minute of video disputed

  9. wow this just helped me sooo much. Not sure if anything changes, but I at least know now what to try hehe Thank you so much for this video!!

  10. What would you say when dispute your claim? Is there certain words you have to say? I am planning on doing reaction videos

  11. So my videos say copyright but I have no strikes . the music I use for my intro videos I got permission from the owner . I screenshotted the messages between him & I , that he gave me permission. I hit him back up & told him what happened. He said yea he doesn’t have a problem & how can he help . Which I’m glad but I just don’t know how to dispute it . Because the owner asked me for info on how can he help

  12. My big question is how do I get YouTube to show Our reaction channel more?.They block our views, they block our notifications, etc…etc..etc

  13. I could not find the text you paste in the dispute, can you share it?

  14. Jeeeezus, ma. Calm down. So much stuttering and blah blah-WTF? Try scripting !

  15. I out 1 second pauses every 8 or 9 seconds and it takes away the copyright claim

  16. Hey Jacob I can,t find the disclaimer in the description or comments. How can i find what to send to the copyright claimer? Thanks and really liked the video

  17. Did you post the note about what you say when you get a copyright claim? I didn't see it in the description box.

  18. Super helpful and interesting! I'm a newbie on YouTube and was always wondering how to do this type of videos.

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