How To: Avoid Copyright Claims in Reaction Videos (FAIR USE)

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  1. I think you should consider enlarging the screen of what you are showing….you have a really handsome face❤ but what some of us really want to see/ the reason we are here is because of what is on your screen thank you 😅😅😅

  2. How to make reaction videos with copyright how all are doing will they monitize

  3. Thank you! We do a little video-podcast and sometimes "react" to a short clip from Jordan Peterson or Jocko Willink. Or, if we discuss someone's inspirational story (e.g., Cris Carter), it is nice to show the person we are discussing or let our audience hear what we are "reacting" to. But, those things get flagged. We are not trying to make money so, it is annoying to have go back and re-edit a whole video just to remove a 20 second clip when in reality, we are promoting the guy or just discussing what they said in a public forum. I think your suggestions here will help us a great deal. So, thank you for just being a guy and sharing you knowledge!

  4. I subbed off this video alone…. this just happened to me for the second time… the first time I just edited my video and removed the blocked content because I didn't know any other solution. I didn't mind too much because it was only about 3 minutes of a 15 minute video. This time my video was over an hour long and it blocked my more crucial parts of the content and so I just followed your steps. Wishing for the best. I'll come back to this comment and update once I know the ruling LOL. Wish me luck 🤣

  5. what if we dont care about getting paid, they call me "not advertiser friendly" anyways so i really dont care about getting paid, i just want to do them for fun. what issues would i have, will the block the vids?

  6. If I Get A Partially Block Option On A Video Should I Upload That Video Or Not🙂🙄

  7. 4 min no answer can some1 summarise pls

  8. how to make commentary review video of a youtube video? like if i wanted to commentate on this video what are the restrictions to doing that?

  9. Anyone know or can see what his dispute explanation said?

  10. what did you write for explanation for copycatting?

  11. Is it not ok so record another person video and react on it??

  12. What if you use videos off Instagram? And upload them and there is no copyright warning or strike does it still effect your channel when you try to get monetized?

  13. Wish I'd seen this before deleting a video I'd spent 4 hours making

  14. I have a question, I got the copyright and explained it, just like you did, I got this from YouTube (The copyright owner disagreed with your dispute and reaffirmed their Content ID claim to your video.) after this what I can do?

  15. This is very helpful. Thank you! ❤❤❤

  16. i got a copyright email 2 weeks ago about a video 8 years ago that has 4 views and was private for 6 years…

  17. This is a really frustrating video – the screen shots were far to small and you flicked through them to fast. Such a missed opportunity 😢.

  18. You didnt put your dispute note in the description or comments section like you said. Thats what I was looking for

  19. I made drone videos with music from various artists, i got blocked from getting pd, even though i put in the beginning, I don’t own rights to music?????

  20. You literally make a living off of other people's content. You shouldn't make a dime.

  21. I think the use of artist's music for other people to make money off of it should get a cut of the proceeds instead of the reaction people getting all of the money off of music they had nothing to do with.

  22. Can an account get banned if it receives a certain amount of copyright claims?

  23. Be honest who else watched to the end? 👀

  24. What’s the point of showing us the screen if it’s that small? Your face isn’t more important than the actual point of the video

  25. I just started watching a few reaction videos of late, no music but the users are not linking to makers in the details. Maybe not required but I find extremely rude as a viewer. I see it as so you stole someone's content, talked over the top of many different clips adding your opinion and cant even be bothered to say where it came from. As only a viewer on YouTube I won't subscribe to these people or watch there videos again also add a thumbs down. Unlike this video, Thumbs up. Guess I'm saying don't be lazy. If you have time to use the content of someone else, spend a few minutes more adding it to descriptions and thanks. Even if it is a feel free to use video.

  26. I dont know if this is up your alley, but I have recorded some songs with backing tracks. Its a shame I cant upload them in fear to get a copyright claim. Should I try?

  27. I'm just starting my new YT channel – and I eventually want to monetise. My most popular video has just been claimed by the BBC – they did claim a previous one, but denied my dispute, so I did a re-edit and used less footage and a filter and so far, so good. But my most viewed video has just been claimed. Whilst I can't currently make money on it, I know too many copyrighted videos can be an issue for monetisation so I want to try and dispute it now. I hope my explanation by viewing your video and others as a guide helps with it.

  28. Bullet sounds like mine hahahaha protective outta love thanks for this!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hi. Can you help me? I'll check out your other videos right after this, which I probably should have done FIRST, but this just seemed a bit easier at the moment… Lol.. can you tell me how to fix videos marked "Copyright" for lyric videos? Please and thank you so much in advanced. 🙏🏼 >High-five

  30. I did a reaction and It copyrighted me but with no strike and I'm seeing a bunch of ppl with reactions to the same content

  31. you mention you make music can I use it on my vlogs? where can I find your music?

  32. So basically creating a reaction channel and putting effort is not worth it.

  33. All you gotta do is write that fair use law they have lol that’s what I’m looking for does anyone know what you have to write ?

  34. We want to see what's on the screen , not your face .. respectfully

  35. Hi Jacob, thank you for your videos. I have started doing reactions on music and to make the videos longer, I include several songs. Sometimes I get a "Partial Block" due to one of the songs claiming Copyright. Is the whole video demonetized or only a particular part? Is it worth disputing "partial blocks"?

  36. Why would you not make the screen of what your doing bigger instead of us staring into your mouth

  37. what you have written in dispute description box. kindly reply in same wording.

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