How To: Avoid Copyright Claims in Reaction Videos (FAIR USE)

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  1. Do you have an example of how to write a claim

  2. I also have a reaction channel and my content gets rejected after being disputed under fair use. It shows that my videos can't be seen or monetized and I have no idea why. I'm not concerned about monetizing at this point, but I don't understand why they can't be seen. What am I doing wrong? Thx for the help😊

  3. The DMCA has been a curse to the Fair Use Act. DMCA was never well thought out and was rushed due to the lobbying of publishers, labels, and other creators. Fair Use is to allow commentary on copyrighted works without a fear of lawsuits. DMCA killed that and continues to do so, and has even infected public domain works like a plague. What is really bad is that ANYONE can file a claim without burden of proof (which could be a violation of the 6th Amendment of the Constitution) of ownership.

    This is the knee jerk reaction that YouTube has used for a long time and winds up hurting so many who try and make a small living off the revenue (if they can at all). I've had a video claimed by a fake company and nowhere was there any music bed, but they did it anyway. While I won in the end, it took 5 days for resolution. Fair Use was killed by lobbyists and congress that pushed the DMCA. This is why so many larger channels who do reaction videos have to retain lawyers.

    Sometimes you can get lucky and the artist will clear it up directly as long as you have asked for permission in the first place. Many enjoy the reactions and the feedback and are very open to helping out. By the way I come at this from a musicians point of view.

  4. Reaction content is a market substitute making use of the original work and thus without the permission of the copyright holder it is never fair use and should always be taken down. Currently a lot of reaction videos exist because rightsholders fear the backlash that they could get from taking it down. For example CGP gray and his fairly taking down of the Vloggint trough history videos.

  5. Something that's been plaguing my mind lately. Why do I constantly see lip syncing videos on Instagram with known musicians' music, yet at the bottom of the video it says it is original audio of the host/poster?? Shouldn't that be copyright infringement?

  6. Does blocking the camera a few times Help to avoid copyright claim

  7. Wow this was the most helpful video I’ve seen in the subject thank you so much

  8. I followed your advice and now I got a copyright strike 🤣🤣 be careful about submitting disputes !

  9. hi, i have a question. is it true once your video is allowed to monetization after disputed it, it still can be copyright claim? TIA

  10. So the answer is "yes, you can avoid copyright strikes"

  11. does anyone have the dispute template 😭 i don't see it

  12. Hi I got a question, if you don't know then it's fine, does Mexico follow the same Fair Use laws as North America or something similar where reaction videos are allowed? thank you

  13. So after following your guide I received this email, (
    After reviewing your dispute, [Merlin] Too Lost has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.) and they are only claiming like 40sec of the whole video , what do I do after this ?

  14. Please reply text format, how to dispute to copyright remove.

  15. I got copyright claims but my reactions is only blocked in Russia not for the music!

  16. Would this work for making movie reactions?

  17. I know this isn't exactly what the video was about, but if you don't mind I'm gonna ask anyways.

    Will this work on YouTube?

    I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel centered around telling stories through text and sound effects alone, kind of similar to Drama CDs though rather than voice acting, you get text dialogs instead, but you see, I've always been having second thoughts about it due to the fact that I have no idea how copyright works in YouTube.

    Why copyright, you say?

    Being broke as I am, I can't exactly commission someone to make the sound effects for me nor do it myself as I have no idea how to, so the next best solution my small brain could come up with is to snip few or so seconds of the sound effects I needed from probably copyrighted contents on YouTube or download them from the internet.

    Which brings me back to the first question: Will this work on YouTube? Or will the channel just be riddled with copyright claims? Could I call it "Transformative Content"? Is it fair use? If so, will I even be able to monetize it?

    Please do share me your thoughts regarding this matter, thanks in advance!

  18. We have our first reaction video coming in a few weeks. It's a reaction to a live performance by Elvis. Warner Bros claimed it immediately. I tried disputing it and they still claimed it. I'll keep trying with each one we do though. I'm guessing some are easier than others to get overturned.

  19. The response you use isn’t posted in the description

  20. Hello please
    I’ll like to know what you used to dispute the copyright
    Thank you so much

  21. Just got started doing reactions on music videos and music in general. It’s so hard to make content because I have to worry about wether or not my videos will get blocked. I might have to resort to reviewing music instead of reacting

  22. Good point, I should pull my music from YouTube.

  23. I just did my first reaction video and it says Copyright underneath it when I go to edit but for viewers it doesn't say that. I didn't get a flag or an email. So, what does this mean?

  24. Hey bro! Is it safe to dispute claim if it says "You're sharing revenue on this video with music rights holders?" I don't want to push it too far and get a strike.

  25. Can someone help me? I couldn't read the text that he copy and pasted.

  26. If there wasn't playbcdak speed on your video I would of clicked off long ago coz I have adhd but your video is good nothing wrong just saying it's good to have it 👌

  27. THIS VERY HELPFUL FOR A SMALL TIME AND NEW CONTENT CREATOR. Thank you for this information. May you have more views. 🙂

  28. Hello Jacob, do you have the template description of the copy right claim as to why you believe it should not have been blocked.

  29. Teacher Editors Club - Sir Z. Official says:

    what i hate about many reaction videos in youtube nowadays are contents claimed as reaction videos but basically they just re-uploaded other creators' hardwork with them on the screen, nothing else. if it's a funny content, they're just watching and laughing. if it's not funny they're making faces as a sort of reaction. but basically, all they did was show someone else's work and watched it with us. where's the idea of being a "creator" in those cases? there should be a way for youtube to identify what are really reaction videos, complete with discussion or explanation… and what are simply re-uploading and using someone else's content.

  30. I was about to comment “dam bro why do u talk so fast” but then realized I was playing the video in 1.25x speed 🤣

  31. One of my YouTube channel got ban from YouTube just because of copy right, please can I get it back

  32. If your channel is tiny, they don't give you these options, right? I mean….small channels are not monetized. So. we're SOL, right? I posted a very short guitar lesson on Margaritaville (an old song) and got the strike. There is NO monetization on my channel…so….they pretty much don't care to even let me dispute, right?

  33. What message do you send for the copyright claim can paste it so I can copy it

  34. Where is the dispute thing you said you put in comments/description?

    I created a secondary channel and want to react to like gaming videos and I am worried about copyright claims especially since I've gotten copyright claims EVEN ON VIDEOS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE PUBLIC (I am sick and tired of these bots)

    I don't want to say something wrong and risk either of my channels getting taken down especially considering how many years and videos I've put into my main channel (which only just reached 100subs last October and that would most likely especially put me on YouTube's radar at least a bit and I don't wanna risk my channel over a stupid bot copyright claiming me.

  35. OMG, you're teaching people how to successfully be a parasitic piece of garbage. Thank you for what you do for the videography ecosystem.

  36. if you get 3 strikes instantly what do you do?>

  37. Reaction youtubers are Cancerous scum stop stealing other peoples videos you guys barley put effort into your videos when reacting

  38. I'm not going through this BS anymore, you have options to now replace music in Ai similar to the song you will get a claim on with no problem because, at this point, it's become your original piece. Many new artists don't care if you use their music because it actually becomes a free promotion for them as long as you don't monetize it, and give them credit. It's those greedy movie and record companies using the greedy back in the day ''don't use our music/movie content unless you pay us directly,'' today those companies are shooting themselves in the foot. F*ck 'em go to Ai or create a similar peace. Make It Easy On Yourself.

  39. I can’t follow what you are saying. Maybe you can get more focus on what you are trying to help us with because I find this to be all over the place.
    I just need to know how I can record Thrift with me videos and not get copyright strikes. I can’t control what the thrift store plays for music. And they play it loud! So, how can I go my job without being penalized by copyrights of music playing I can’t control? Thanks

  40. Does anyone have the note he said he was gonna put in the description or in a comment 😭😭

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