How this Flash series changed Zombie Survival games (The Last Stand) | Flashlight

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The Last Stand from Con Artist Games is a series that started back in 2007, and for the last 14 years it has gone from emerging ahead of the mainstream zombie craze, setting the bar for zombie survival titles, inspiring a game mode in Call of Duty, shaping antisocial-social games, contributing to run-on sentences, and mutating and shaping the zombies game landscape!

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00:00 Intro
04:37 The Last Stand
15:12 The Last Stand 2
22:04 The Last Stand: Union City
33:51 The Last Stand: Dead Zone
39:39 The Last Stand: Aftermath
49:12 Wrap-up
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  1. Core memory right here, playing this on the school computer before web blockers became a thing.

  2. the last stand came before sonny? thats actually surprising to me

  3. Ahh.. The Last Stand franchise. The Last Stand 2 and Union City are by far my favorite Flash games of all time, and the latter is honestly the most advanced Flash game I have ever played in my life.

  4. Dead zone was my favorite ZRPG/MMO I’ve ever played. I loved the compound and missions elements and building the base

  5. This game walked so project zomboid could run thats pretty sick

  6. I remember playing Union City back in the days, I was quite impressed that this kind of content-heavy game could fit in Flash.

  7. I LOVED the last stand on new grounds it was so good

  8. I'm a bit confused. How is Union City a prequel? I guess the beginning of the game makes sense for it to be the start of the outbreak, but time must have moved forward to the point after the first two games by the end because Jack was at Union City. If it is a prequel, then that would mean Jack was at Union City, left, then came back after the first two games, and we still have a cliffhanger after The Last Stand 2? I'm confused.



  10. 9:48 No.
    You do not say, that a thousand dollars a month is anywhere near a small amount of money, that's just wrong.

  11. Underrated I remember playing this as my first flash game from new grounds with three friends in 2007

  12. last stand the union was inspired by fallout 3 but clearly uses the lockpicking and leveling system of oblivion lol. what's inspired from fallout?

  13. Did not realize how popular this game was as a kid lmao I’m glad so many other people enjoyed it as much as I did.

  14. Well, too bad they can't migrate Dead Zone from flash to HTML5…

  15. On the whole "Entitlement" debate, I honestly believe that is a case of gamers and devs being stuck in their camps and refusing to see eachother's side.

    On the one hand if a dev capitulates to their audience over everything, they can get pushed into burnout and may very well hate what they create which almost always leads to a worse game.

    On the other hand some devs operate on this belief that they know what's best. That mindset and refusal to take on audience feedback has led to the failure of many games. Just look at what happened to Saint's Row. When the audience told the devs they didn't like the direction of the newest game, the devs then attacked their core audience. Lo and behold, that core audience didn't show up when the game launched and now Volition is gone and the future of Saint's Row is in question.

    The audience knows what they like, they play games, they can see things from a perspective that many devs don't get to see and vice versa. We need to stop being combative with eachother. Look at Deep Rock Galactic, they're open with thier audience because they know what their audience likes. A dlc drops and the audience says they feel the cosmetics aren't up to snuff? The devs responded to that criticsm and made the old cosmetics unlockables and rebuilt the dlc skins. Both ended up happy with the outcome. The dlc sold better than it probably would have with the old skins and fans got some free stuff. If more devs were open to operating like DRG's devs, it would go a long way in fixing dev to audience relations. Unfortunately that's probably an unrealstic fantasy, but one can hope.

  16. Jesus, I remember playing 1 and 2 during computer class in secondary school.

  17. I used to play this years ago, im happy I found this video. This game has always been on the back of my mind and the name has always eluded me. Thank you for reminding me

  18. union city + middle school me on a chromebook ❤

  19. This is probably my favorite flash game. I miss flash games. You load em up and they play on pretty much any computer but most of all they just work. There’s no crystal powerups to buy and unlock more levels or anything.

  20. 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖜𝕿𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖗 says:

    I'm very sad that i will probably never play The Last Stand series ever again

  21. Union city was fire at school wasnt locked behind school district code

  22. I played last stand's recent title on ps4 and it was bangin

  23. Union city was epic. Been playing these games for years. And will again

  24. Dunno why people love Dead Zone if it just fucking cashgrab shit on cooldown timer.

  25. 4 games I would hop back on today are: Ray-mofunzone, feudalism 2-MiniPlayer, last stand-andkon, McDonald simulator-andkon. I miss these games.

  26. already recognise every single game and im not even 2 minutes in

  27. these games, and Storm Winds, were the ones I went to for much of my middleschool years. such amazing games

  28. Hey can I get mad real quick? Yeah? Ok good.
    I hate that they had The Last Stand: Dead Zone which to me was almost perfect. It had everything to me, the way it plays out, the way you scavenge, having your own team and items… like man it was so good. Now what? It's dead and the successors are not near as good. They had such a good formula and base to grow on with an actual Stand Alone title and instead if felt like we got some Flash / Mobile game. I hope one day Dead Zone returns as a stand alone title, even if they just did a "remaster" i would happily drop some money to play the title, explore the city and it's zones and uncover new gear. To me it was the closest they got from breaching the Web Based game and turning it into a full on Steam / Epic / Galaxy or whatever other launcher there is title.

  29. Aftermath is a good game now but it was not ready for release back when i came out

  30. Everyone's forgotten about Last Stand: Dead Zone, but man, that game was SOOOO fun to play. I even paid the 10$ for the upgraded car. I'd easily pay 20$ to play a "real" version of that facebook game. Way better than FarmVille and all those other crappy facebook games.

  31. Union City is my all-time favorite. Still a bit laggy even on some modern systems. Great replayability. Dead Zone was the most addictive but is riddled with bugs and exploits. Deathmobile was a true game changer for all players – raiders and pacifists alike but the game is still enjoyable without these microtransactions. Eventually, ConArtist succumbed to the fall of flash-based games. And as a fan of top-down isos, I quickly fell in love with Aftermath. Great visuals, unique survival. Although I think the story was toned downed and it feels a bit lonelier. But hey, I did say I'm a fan of top-down isometrics. I will easily forgive any and all bad things about it.

  32. not gonna lie, I really miss deadzone, that base building was great during that time. I played it at facebook and was madly in-love with it, I love how you really need to think of your playstyle as the people you get for your base are diverse, it also has the depth that you can`t normally see at base building games during that time. I also love the looks of the items that you build as they truly appear as something that you can build in an apocalypse and not some clean modern crap that is questionable to be made in a mishmash base. It is also deadzone that made me love it`s modern counterpart(not fully same but it has the same depth) which is Project:zomboid.

  33. I've never really understood why zombie media doesn't use the "z word". I mean, if a zombie apocalypse broke out for real I would be calling them zombies.

  34. I bought the Legacy Collection and Aftermath purely just to support the developer now that I'm not a kid anymore and I can afford to sent money his way as thanks for all the childhood memories.

    Did not expect to lose over 100 hours once again across the legacy games alone.

  35. was last stand really that difficult? i thought it was pretty easy

  36. You all should try the new last stand game out for consoles. Its pretty good.

  37. The nostalgia for these ’simple’ flash games is immense. I wish con would find a way to have the legacy pack on consoles or in the app stores, even if he charges for them on IOS and Android.

  38. oh i think ive seen this. i had never once thought those 2 games would be connected. i played this flash game as a kid and also thought the last stand was rather fun, i didnt expect it to eventually take off to such a sick modern day standard type game. count me impressed. well done to the guy who made it.

    on a side note, i think more flash games really need to be updated or the older games come back again in some form. we had fire boy and water girl which ended up going to friv and stuff like temple run go from flash to mobile phone games but we havant really had many that have returned and got popularised again. i even miss games like moshi monsters bin weevils and fight my monster which all were browser games now lost to time plastered with ads and paywalls. fight my monsters sadly was shutdown in 2015 ish and it doesnt look like it will ever be returning but i hope at some point it does.

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