How I got insane aim in 21 days – Kovaaks Aim Trainer

in preparation for Valorant I wanted to do something about my sloppy aim so I finally tried out one of those aimtrainers. I decided to keep track of all my daily scores and see what the results were after 3 weeks.

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  1. I used to be called dumb and stupid for using aim trainers. But here I am furthering my progress in being top 1.5% in the world with 157 clicks in 30 seconds, of course there are better people than me; But I am more ambitious to become the first dynamic and most advanced versatile certified personal coach. Highly enthuastic about what I do and how I'm willing to spend time to study and learn to teach more players how to be more faster, precise, and optimal in their gameplay.

  2. But why the green crosshair on the turquoise background?

  3. The black dot in the middle.of the screen ruined it for me. You don't have this on the game you will be playing so how can you get better when you use the black dot as a reference. Trash

  4. I am a firm defender of mid-high sense and flick heavy fast mouse movement.
    Fine hand movements can in most cases be used for small corrections. Gameplay with more flick movement instead of smooth tracking is viable and effective in most situations.
    While low sens does have the advantage of easier fine aim and precision, this does in my opinion not suite many aggressive play styles.
    I think that the ability to reduce target to target latency and to quickly engage multiple targets is in most games far more valuable than some greater precision, especially if there is a lot of margin of error precision wise.
    Generally speaking, the faster the game can be played, the worse low sens gets.
    Then there is the human factor. I asked myself, how does a human process the information he sees on the screen and turns that into mouse movement?
    How can someone stay as effective as possible in a maximum stress, maximum output, so to say, situation?
    I do not have the time to explain my train of thought in full detail, however, I did come up with a few things.
    First of all, the way we handle a big visual information influx is coupled to our eyes and because of that, to the movement patterns of our eyes.
    Our eyes do not move linearly, we look at something, then rapidly move our eyes to another position, then to another position and so on.
    In my mind this speaks for the higher efficiency of flick heavy gameplay.
    While slow movement with little variance to the players perspective might not have a big influence on the players ability to acquire a target, latent low sensitivity movements are much worse in this regard than higher sens ones, as smooth linear movements of the camera are not something our brain is used to from the use of our eyes.
    This should be amplified by low refresh rate scenarios.
    Now, it should be pretty clear, but for those that it isn't, low sens players often use their arm heavily for fine aiming, which adds another level to the latency problem of low sensitivity.
    This can also lead to a reduction in competence of wrist and finger manipulation for aiming.
    Lastly I question the concentration that goes into fine movements. Is it worth the sacrifice in speed?
    How efficiently can one perform smooth fast movements under enorme pressure? I think that rapid point to point movements are more efficient than smooth tracking in many situations, as they are much less complex and easier to scale speed wise.
    And maybe I'm doing it wrong nowadays, but I have adapted my principles and instead of trying to stay on target perfectly in a smooth fashion, I often find myself adjusting to a moving targets position as many times per second as possible.
    Maybe my playstyle is flawed, maybe the low sens playstyle is, though.
    For me, personally a latency reduction works better than a precision increase.
    Anyways, enough rambling. Thank if you read this and I hope I could inspire some of your thoughts.

  5. thx for this video. this motivated me to do my own 2 week challenge for kovaaks. I'm already seeing hella improvement.

  6. 6:45 unless you have the arm of a demigod, thats not gonna work buddy pal chum friend

  7. So funny you search Valorant on Steam and Kovaaks comes up as #1

  8. Majority of the streamers never make content on how to improve aim, matter of fact they make loadout setup (warzone) videos intentionally telling people shitty setups so they remain in advantage, glad you're sharing this info, even tho its out there and alot know about these aim trainers, there's alot more that still don't know. I played warzone for almost a year and reached a point where basically the last 3 months I just stopped at a point and couldn't get better. I began making lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to improve brain health, I am taking special supplements that help you restore natural dopamine levels in brain which are responsible for focus and awareness, I fixed my desk and modified it so that I have a consistent comfortable position, I set a solid mouse dpi that im comfortable with and I began doing these aim trainers and keeping track of progress, you won't belive how all this just changed my entire skill level and now I just enjoy gaming so much more! Thanks for sharing this, it was these type of aim videos that motivated me to change so much, I can't even imagine where ill be in a couple months!

  9. but, I wanna see the difference on your game play, you should make a video about it

  10. been using aim lab for about 1 month ready to get kov

  11. I'm thinking of starting to do these during useless/boring online classes. Don't have that much time outside of that.

  12. How did you gather your metrics on average and regular scores

  13. hi im new to valorant ,im currently at iron 3 and i want to improve my aim, i did this for 30 mins ec scenario, after that can i play valorant compet or not? cuz its kinda hurt my arm after kovaak to valorant

  14. Love the realistic approach in this video. You weren't trying to sell some 1 time easy tip, you just showed what commitment can do and that's very commendable. Definitely motivated me to stay on the grind since I've never really been even average at video games myself. Big thumbs up!

  15. It's definitely a misconception that this is the key to playing Valorant (or some other FPS like it) at a high level. It's not

  16. i have bad aim, but i can change tab to tab in under a second

  17. Was expecting some gameplay footage after the 21 days training

  18. Would you recommend Kovak for controller players?

  19. I think people have to realize this guy has a genetic lottery in aiming

  20. Changed my DPI today from 1300 to 800 with the same sensitivity, Jesus Christ it will take a while until I hit something again 😀

  21. Alter wie nice die Qulai aussieht. Ich finde du gibst dir in letzter Zeit echt mühe man.

  22. I've been a console player since ps1. I got a pc last week and the first thing I did was hoped on rainbow with my friend and I was so terrible 🤣 so far I've been playing some mmo games and going to start practicing till i get better at fps games

  23. "my aim became good in 21 days , just 2 weeks " 1 week = 7 days , 2 weeks = 2*7 =14 , so for you 14= 21 ………..

  24. I’ve been aim training for a whole year, once a day with maybe 2-3 day breaks. Been working on everything while trying to be accurate. Alongside many tracking tasks too.

    And now you’ve gone and gotten to a point better than I have achieved in a year.

    At this point I think I’m just doing something wrong.

  25. Play Kovaak's long enough and you'll become the best of those that needed Kovaak's to begin with. The best of the rest…?

  26. Great video, I'll have to try some of the practice games you recommended.
    Love the blue color scheme for K 2.0, what settings did you use to achieve that? TIA! 👍

  27. how do you get the laser, line out of the gun in kovaaks? i am trying to find out how but i cant find the setting

  28. lesson : to get better performance, get drunk on day 13, you will be a godlike on day 21

  29. You'll throw your wrist to the garbage if you do intensive aiming training fro 2 hours each day: its way to much. Even half an hour and my wrist fills numb, but 2 – madness. Be ware

  30. I do only 20 mins of aim training because honestly, my arm gets too tired if I do it any longer. Is that enough to do a day to see improvements in the long run, or not?

  31. The thing with aimtrainers is you get good at the aimtrainer.

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