High on Life: 25 Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022

Get a look at 25 minutes of murderous goo, sad aliens, and a lot of filthy language, as we dive into one of High on Life’s early missions.


  1. Not releasing this game for PlayStation would be a mistake… sigh now I'd have to buy an XBox

  2. Isn't the blue gun throat made totally in D shape? from bottom.

  3. This game is like a Rick and Morty world mod of Borderlands/Cyberpunk can't wait for the release!!

  4. Why does nobody say this the gun sounds like Morty

  5. Will this game feature a FOV slider on PC?

  6. Parece um jogo engraçado com certeza vou jogar quando lançar

  7. Does this game come for the PS5 too?


  9. Just played it like 30 mins or so through. Got to where you’re going home from Torg and game won’t let me progress to home. Deleted it instantly. Why do these speedy game companies release unfinished pos. Curbs any enthusiasm for gaming.

  10. I’m gonna play this game tonight it looks so fun

  11. Sorry to say but after release it really look they need to put more work into 🙁

  12. This game has defied expectations!! Love it it’s so chill and fun

  13. Jb smoove as gus is top tier just started playing this yestersay and already in love wit it

  14. Rlly wish this game was on ps4 to! 😔 it looks awesome as heck!

  15. This game looks like another Rick & Morty game

  16. The red guy is the voice of that yellow guy on smiling friends.. what’s his name?

  17. This made me decide that now I'm going to buy this game

  18. If you didn't choose red at least the 2nd time I'm afraid you're a sociopath🤣

  19. Just got the game today. Wasn't a Rick and Morty fan but this game makes me want to roll up and watch it 😂

  20. The comments here are really positive and I'm happy for everyone who's excited for this but I'm utterly baffled by anyone who would enjoy this

  21. Christ. Constant stuttering and awkward conversations isn't funny after the first 3 minutes. Even Rick and Morty isn't as grating as this

  22. Justin roiland humor warning: "YOU WILL NOT LAUGH"

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