Hack Google Chrome Dino Game For Unlimited Score

With just one line of Python code, you can have unlimited score.

Life is boring without games.

But, sometimes we don’t have internet to play the online games, like PUBG.

Life becomes too boring at that time.

Let’s play the dino game while being online.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert at this game like us.

We’ll hack it. 😉

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• We’ll play the Dino game while being online.
• We’ll hack the dino game for unlimited points.

Now, if you’re new to the programming world and don’t know what to do, go check out our app and build your own game immediately while learning.
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  1. me prepairing for guiness book of world record🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Bro we can hack in chrome website some betting games locked we can unlock thats lock?

  3. time to set a world record lol 😂 bahi baat bhi sahi he

  4. This game maker said the end of this game is if you start end after 3trillion years

  5. If u cant stop it ! How can we get results😓

  6. The fact that the dinosaur was fake how dumb is he it's not gonna work on me because your never getting likes

  7. I scored 812 without this hack

  8. I think it is just a glitch because my high score is not rising but the current is rising..

  9. Runner.instance_.setSpeed(200); to get speed to fast

  10. Wow! It is Amazing Thank you very useful video for hacking of dinosaur game in computer 100% Work💯💯💯

  11. now I I am not beating my friends but beating the world record

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