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  1. Have to play it now that I have it,but as any game ,for me,it will take some getting used to.

  2. That’s a glitch in the game for the pheasants because it never happend to me

  3. Kg a 7mm08 is a good gun I have one in real life

  4. If you set buy the boundaries for Ruiz’s cabin and set the time to sun rise and you climb over the fence and go to this little cliff area you will probleby see a bunch of Mooses in the valley

  5. why does that jeep sound like a diesel😭

  6. Continuously sprint and keeps sayin aw no i spooked em

  7. And I have a hog caller elk caller and a wench duck caller and I am in Africa!

  8. In PA where i hunt, the few mountains around there have 2 different genetic lines, one causes the horns to almost meet in the front, the other genetic line goes out straight forward. So you can kinda tell which bucks were with which does.

  9. KG do you have a seme auto matick sniper rifle I do if you don't have 1 you should get1.

  10. 243. Isn’t that bad, I killed my first deer with it

  11. I play this game wait till you get to the fun missions and discover a lot of the map you will love it I am telling you right now.

  12. when i shot a buck with my 350 legend i got a stomach or liver i don't remember it was like two years ago anyways keep up the good work kendall

  13. So when we gonna get more way of the hunter you did 2 episodes and haven't done any since same with far cry primal. And when is red dead gonna come back

  14. Kg buddy please give us more way of the hunter

  15. KG i dropped a elk in real life with a 30-30 and your saying that its not good for a deer….

  16. First also what's up Kendall love the vids

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