Gun Game Airsoft Battle

Airsoft + NIGHT VISION + Gun Game = Best airsoft battle yet!
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Music by Vo Williams: Thunder and Lightning
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Huge thanks once again to Swamp Sniper for helping us pull this off!
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Thunder and Lightning
Performed by Vo Williams
Courtesy of Sound Dose Music Group
Words and Music by Emanuel Frank Williams and Caleb Steven Schultz
Sound Dose Music Group (BMI) / Caleb Steven Schultz (BMI)

Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: Can you handle the smoke? – Cory

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  1. 12:50 Cody just comes into the fight and hits Tyler and Cory’s balloon.

  2. I SERIOUSLY want to be in one of these videos.
    Why not try a subscriber video?

  3. Ok y’all for real, Ty’s handling those corners like a operator like seriously! Dang! If he has no training he should go out and be special forces lol 😂

  4. I love the part where Cory has the BEST ✨ Knife move, then evens back out by running into a wall 😂

  5. I feel bad for the cameramen they had to get hit a hole lot this video

  6. The fact that Cory actually didn’t know it was a glass wall in 13:46 😂😂😂

  7. With how ty plays i would think he was in the military

  8. When you find those the night bison they are using is worth 40k

  9. I’m reading all about the Cory incident. I’m honestly just glad Ty was laughing with everyone instead of raging over losing. That was heart warming. You’re getting better bro.

  10. I really like this video. I like the upgrade idea! Me, I honestly like battle Royal better. I am looking forward to air soft battle 6!

  11. They got their hands on $48k gpnvg-18 quads.

    Tyler's CQB work was also impressive.

  12. Imagine being the camera man and being shot at

  13. Love the airsoft do another one plz🎉

  14. Bro, this video was awesome. I hope we see another one soon!

  15. I’ve been watching Dude Perfect almost my whole life. When I was younger Ty was my favorite, but as I get older I understand Garrett more and more

  16. What are the airsoft firearms (brands) yall use in this vid?

  17. Thumbnail looks badass and also like this video

  18. Bro, this is so cool watch you should you weigh more you should do way more of these videos

  19. They really bought five pairs of night vision for this vid, and those are EXPENSIVE

  20. Garret is such a legend 😂
    Contrats to Cory!

  21. This fifth airsoft reminds me of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and this video is so epic!

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