Golf Hole in One Compilation

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  1. What happens if one hits your opponents golf ball into the hole?

  2. I don’t even like golf but I actually like to see a hole in one

  3. Such a funny moment when you get a hole in one… hard to concentrate when you get to the next hole

  4. Golf meant to be boring, but they made look good

  5. I know this is great but doing it in a grand slam tourney is probably everything!

  6. Have there been any hole-in-ones on a par 4?

  7. Wii Announcer: I T S A H O L E I N O N E

  8. whem is Adam Sandler playing?

  9. Dustin Johnson walks like ace ventura

  10. Let's not show too much excitement there guys, geez.. these announcers need to learn how to party!

  11. Pov: You’re here after Sam Ryder hole in one

  12. 1:06
    I'm by no stretch a golf fan but I'm pretty sure this is how you become god.

  13. It’s crazy how people get a hole in one but I assume it’s just a skill like practicing shooting a basketball right? But I’m sure takes more skill lol

  14. "You owe me some beer dude!" 🤣🤣🤣

  15. I'm thinking Quickin Loans stopped that promotion!

  16. We can all thank Bugs Bunny for these compilations

  17. Isn't the human spirit awesome! I don't even like golf and I'm celebrating with these men!

  18. If I could make a hole in one just once in my life, I would be ecstatic. These guys do it every year. I am so disgusted

  19. How many people got fired at Quicken Loans?

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