GET SHREKT NUB! | Game Of The Year 420BlazeIt

Get on my level bro! 1v1 me in real life! GET SHREKT! I finally found a game to match my energy and loudness

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Game Link:

Outro animation created by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Man, I remember the times when montage parodies were cool.

  2. MLG culture is
    the most stereotypical gamer thing to exist on the planet, nothing coming close to the insecurity that can be sensed from there

  3. Fuck you, i already beat cancer once in my life, now you done gave it back to me with that fucking game!

  4. It's been a while since I last watched this


  6. 0:00– I'm going into this with caution and crossing my fingers that it is cool like the Cheech and Chong series of movies.
    0:36– (proceeds to laugh ass off)
    1:31– "Do I run faster with a knife out?" I have no idea why that is, but it is true sometimes.
    2:25– "This is actually fucking cool." This is like watching a train wreck. Awful, and yet so appealing at the same time. (laughs more)
    6:25– "What the fuck is happening?" Can't tell, but this game needs a flash warning if it doesn't have one already. ~

  7. This video is an absolute fucking classic. Good shit, Jack.

  8. FUCKING RAID THE PUSSY and who else is watching this in 2021

  9. Almost enough to bring a tear to a man's eye. But I must be strong.

  10. An era so good, it brings a tear to the eye.

  11. Imagine this was the final proof humans existed in the future.

  12. I remember this video and this game. I’ve seen this so many times

  13. Does anyone just come back to this og video

  14. Why is this just now coming in my recommended?!

  15. can’t even describe the nostalgia i feel. i would do literally anything to go back to 2015, when i didn’t have a clue what “smoke weed everyday” meant, and when my biggest life concern was not knowing when jacksepticeye was gonna post a new video. life was at it’s peak. sucks to know these times will never come back.

  16. damn 7 years i miss this arc off youtube the mlg memes and mountain dew god i wish this was allways like this funny and happy

  17. Ngl this game looks crazy, I should try it out for myself lmao

  18. This makes me wish I could get a time machine.

  19. This video makes me feel old, I do miss the old times

  20. Bro this was my childhood and its gone now.. at least my childhood is

  21. But wot if xXx_Sp0d3rM4n_ShR3Kt_xXx were not kill?


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