Gaming On A Chromebook?! | Fortnite Using Geforce Now On Acer Chromebook 317

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  1. how do i download browser experience help plzz

  2. bruh i just join the geforce now site and i dont know where i sure be go?

  3. bros complaining about 16 people ahead when i used to have 300+

  4. am using g forcw and it reallly good it i waass 20 fps now am 100

  5. How to play g force now mouse and keyboard?

  6. If you see this comment…Just like it

  7. Ngl chromebooks get a lot of shit for being cheap laptops that have linux vm as a feature built into the newer ones. Are they good for gaming? No, not really, but they're built for office work not gaming. I think their main audience are schools and maybe workplaces because of how locked down they are by design and how much cheaper they are than macs. They're not bad for how cheap they are realistically, especially for the crap dell will sell you for the same price.

  8. bro people don’t know how good a budget Chromebook’s could be I bet I could buy one for 150-200 bucks and on low setting in br fortnite I could get around 100-120 Fps

  9. Bro just slowed it down and thought we would notice😂😂😂😂

  10. I Do Game Using My Acer CB 315 & GFN, It Is Decent, But Lag & Crashes Can Occur But It Is Decent.

  11. A Chromebook is just an iPhone shaped into a computer.

  12. my ass who got to capton level 44 on cromebook with only trackpad:

  13. Lol i have an acer chromebook 311 and it takes a minute to load gd lite

  14. That is not the crime book performance that is the WiFi performance. And also you prob didn’t change the settings to help the input delay and stuff

  15. Why does everyone have the acer chromebook

  16. That thumbnail of Fortnite brings back so many memories

  17. Crash crash crash need a 800$ machine to run games .. wtf this is why I prefer platforms consoles

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