Gaming On A Chromebook?! | Fortnite Using Geforce Now On Acer Chromebook 317

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  1. roblox on chromebook: give up i want you to be laggy crashy and I WANT YOU TO NOT HAVE YOUR ACC

  2. Bro only 60 people in front of you, I was trying to play a game on my backbone that needed gforce and I had 400 people in front of me

  3. I’ve done it with 274 people in front

  4. Bro u have the same keyboard and mouse like me

  5. Bro i can’t look side to side it’s not in fulscreen

  6. Gurl i use a chromebook and it works perfectly fine like a pc😭

  7. I can't go on the free version of GeForce now

  8. I have to wait for no one since I have founders and founders only cost 5 dollars a month and 25$ 6 months

  9. Use luna+ its amaxing 🤩 I used my Chromebook and it works well

  10. The chormebook lenovo 3300 don't play thay good

  11. My brother played a game many other games on his chromebook

  12. I play gta 3, vice city & san andreas, Minecraft, doom 1&2, the sims, simcity and coromon (pokemon clone) on my Chromebook and it runs amazing

  13. he just slowed it down to make it look glitchy

  14. the sad think is that you cant even download fortnite on chrome, and thats why im switching to windows

  15. pls answer my question do you need to pay on Geforce to play games?

  16. you just slow down the video you idiot you want you can tell by the way it is and second off I can tell you guaranteed that even MacBooks can run the game no GeForce now, and still play and you don’t get more garbage than a MacBook at gaming trust me I can’t even play Minecraft Chromebook you can play Minecraft like they don’t even support Minecraft bedrock on MacBook. They only support the Java edition, like mine was saying that you can’t get Minecraft bedrock on MacBook and I said yeah and he says no you can’t. He showed me the website and everything it just says, MacBook supports Java edition but nice try GeForce now if you have the best Internet or even decent Internet is a good thing to play like my computer can’t run really any new games now these days like ark I know that most people can’t run ark or the new ark is overpowered but fruit for now even the free tier I’m running ark like is no tomorrow I literally upscaled it you can upscale the new arc and add in whatever hurts you want. I upscaled it to run 500 frame per second 8K graphics and that’s all using the free tier on GeForce now that guy is not slowing down his video and he has garbage Internet or or he has to be lying to us somehow because G4 now I pay for the ultimate year and it’s the best thing I ever done heck game passes on GeForce now or some games. Once all the game pass games get to GeForce now I’m gonna just be paying for the PC game pass not the, 17.99 game pass Do you enforce now? Is the best experience if you wanna know how Gorce now is watch my videos.

  17. bbrro said wait this is really working oh no

  18. Xbox online is way less laggy, just a tip for anyone who’s actually going to do this ❤

  19. why is bro checking the frame rate on geforce now

  20. BISD is really good at blocking these kinds of websites.. 😢 how do i bypass it? I recently found out a way to get into crhome settings

  21. bro why connect another keyboard when theres a keyboard on the chomebook

  22. So I can play fortnite on my chromebook?

  23. You have to be atter moron to play a fps on cloud gaming, atleast in 2024.

  24. Guys trust me fortnite on chromebook on geforce is rlly good

  25. Acer 315 700 mb internet on acer 315 I put 42 hours in odyssey and beat everything except some small quest played Arkham knight played Fortnite and mw3/2/warzone all 3 on GeForce ultimate Xbox pass played resident evil also I also have asustufgaminga17 so

  26. bro i played fortnite on my chromebook and it was laggier than playing on 4G network

  27. Bro said gaming on chrome book!!

    Le me- plays every game only on chrome book

  28. Bro ur lucky you had 15 ppl in line I had 250 and I have 100 left for apex

  29. Just buy a chrap normal laptop with cloud gaming

  30. You did this because you underestimated chromebooks and you are wrong and FU

  31. 16 people is so little I had to deal with 250 once

  32. 15 people not that much on GeForce we got 345 people in front of us


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