Fortnite VR For 24 Hours Straight

Fortnite VR For 24 Hours Straight

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Credit to Disrupt for Inspiration!

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Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz


  1. How did he go to the bathroom?

  2. Kaidoz is like I hit another head shot … but he actually didn’t hit it with a heavy

  3. Kaidoz is so good that it looks like he is using a modded keyboard

  4. Kaidoz: “i played Fortnite vr for 24 hours straight”

    Fortnite 8 year olds: are you challenging me?

  5. Don’t leave please or we won’t give you no Vbox or Battle pass

  6. Why don’t you go on first person mode in the settings

  7. This video was entertaining but damn is your voice freaking annoying

  8. I would be dead in a minute cause this game sucks

  9. Yes I did enjoy you torturing yourself

  10. it’s fake you can tell because he is not turning around

  11. This nigga sound like he never hit puberty

  12. Kaidoz get sniped so many times this video

  13. dude you started on my birth day but also its now dec when im watching this

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