Fortnite VR But I Can Feel Pain.. (Haptic Suit)

Fortnite VR But I Can Feel Pain.. (Haptic Suit) – This Bhaptics haptic feedback suit let’s me feel spikes, lava, arrows & literally EVERYTHING in Fortnite Virtual Reality! So I decided to test it’s limits ALSO LIKE THIS VIDEO OR YOU’LL FEEL PAIN


  1. To be clear this video is for entertainment purposes only (hopefully you enjoyed :D), if you're thinking of buying this suit please watch a proper review first!

  2. Ok dude you definitely are a masochist

  3. Hello im firstplz gice ke heart you vids are awesome

  4. I can literally feel that! I feel that I FEEL T H I S

  5. How are you dodging everything he's in ultra instinct 😀🤯

  6. Act normal bro I want good YouTube to be back

  7. Look there’s a trap OH MY GODDD THE PAIIIIIN

  8. Bruh ur playing on xbox with a playstation controller

  9. Yes he will feel the spikes go through his body makes sense right?

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