FIFA 23 | Official Gameplay Deep Dive

Go inside FIFA 23 Gameplay with the EA SPORTS FIFA development team and see a new season of features including HyperMotion2 Technology:

00:00 – Intro
00:47 – HyperMotion2
01:56 – Women’s Club Football
02:40 – Technical Dribbling
03:31 – ML-Jockey
03:58 – AcceleRATE
05:04 – Signature Run Styles
05:54 – Attacking
06:06 – Power Shots
06:34 – Composed Ball Striking
07:01 – Set Pieces
08:02 – Defending
08:58 – Goalkeeping
09:45 – Physics
10:07 – Skill Moves

For even more on FIFA 23 Gameplay, check out the Pitch Notes:

FIFA 23 releases September 30, 2022 with HyperMotion2 Technology, women’s club football, both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, cross-play features, and more:

Pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21 to get a FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero item, as well as up to three days early access:

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Note that these clips were recorded during the development of FIFA 23, and information within it may change or become updated over time as we finalize the development of FIFA 23.


  1. Так женские команды будут играть с мужскими или опять нет?

  2. Wow this game will surely be innovative and unique right guys? I'm so excited for this [TOTALLY NOT COPYPASTED] game!

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  3. soy fanatico del fifa siempre lo fui lastima que estas ultimas versiones no la pude jugar por falta de finanzas pero mas alla de eso la jugabilidad para mi aunque no halla jugado estas versiones para mi sigue siendo la misma miercole para mi el fifa tiene que cambiar los formatos mas competiciones por ejemplo que crees tu propia eliminatorias y mundial que sea totalmente personalizado que puedas elegir la cantidad de equipos que quieras como jugador, que puedas presenciar por ejemplo si hay dos partidos a la misma hora ponele hay un gol del otro partido que puedas verlo en una pantallita chica como es en la TV. Que puedas elegir cualquier partido y jugarlo sin que seas jugador de esos equipos o verlos y despues varias mas pero tendria que hacer un libro es en eso que tendria que enfocarce EA SPORTS.

  4. My question is: Career mode, does it have create your own team?

  5. What about the knuckle ball on set piece???

  6. Список обновлений:
    – новая технология Hypermotion 2
    – женские футбольные команды
    – новые виды бега
    – пушечные удары
    – возможность хитро обработать мяч перед ударом
    – указание места на мяче, по которому будет произведён штрафной удар
    – жёсткими подкатами можно блокировать удары нападающих
    – время реакции вратаря зависит от обзора
    – новая система столкновений и рикошетов
    – ложные замахи и удары.
    Подробнее разбираю всё это у себя на канале.

  7. FIFA 23 is getting wayyyyyy to much hate they might have added stuff but not said it

  8. Mal sehen wie realistisch der Frauenfußball ist und wie oft sie stolpern. Denn nur das wäre dann authentisch

  9. Could we talk to the team as coaches in career mode in next fifa games?


  11. I wonder how many people watched the whole 11 minutes and 32 seconds without realizing this is the fifa 21 trailer. This was a whole lot of nothing. They deserved to lose the rights to the fifa name. I hope they go broke, they dont deserve any of their earnings from the past 6 years at the very least, its amazing how they made a 11:32 minutes video out of thin air to promote a game that is the same if not even worse than its predecesors.

  12. Good job for improving absolutely nothing important for the 7th consecutive year!

  13. No way, they increased the number on the title screen by 1 and charged it $100!! Can't wait to experience fifa 15 for the 8th time! Great job ea…

  14. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  15. There will also be five substitutions?

  16. whats the point of adding some details if you guys only gonna add it for next gen 🤦‍♂

  17. Today were talking about hypermotion 2, and everything else that should have already been in the game 5 years ago

  18. I really enjoyed it, but i was just thinking, if we can score with head this FIFA, because last fifa, its almost impossible score with head, the ball was going out almost every single time. Then imagine those challenges giving us a useless stadium theme and we must open, or we gonna be with a notification forever about it.

  19. Server FIFA 22 maintenance donk server lemot

  20. For me, FIFA simply need to improve two things before anything else. 1. CPU build up play. So predictable when the CPU ends up breaking on the counter every single time you lose the ball as well as playing that one pass through your midfield into a forward which results in your midfielders stading still whilst your defenders simply back off allowing the CPU to get a clearcut opportunity. 2. Your players making runs off the ball. Your forwards make the most nonsensical runs (in a straight line) and would literally see your players running into a defender ls chest and even the goalkeeper rather than utilising the space and maybe even curving runs instead. Would also be nice for FIFA to make shooting realistic. Everything is top bins whether the keeper saves it or not. If a players long shot or finishing is lower than 75 then it should reduce the likelihood that it even troubles the keeper. It is possible for shots to be off target every now and again. Lastly when I switch to another defender I don't expect them to do a two step shimmy before I can actually dictate what they do next

  21. 3:08 finally a trailer that shows how fifa 23 will look like for real. T celebration

  22. PC getting the updated graphics and crossplay is super appreciated. The player base is much smaller on PC so crossplay is very helpful.

  23. Fair enough womens footy is added but weres non league? after the efl league 2


  25. FIFA 23 will definitely be the best FIFA ever, but I wish there were animations like the (Goal net) in [OLD GEN].🥲🙏🥲

  26. What I enjoy about fifa 22 is the 35 minutes wait time before you can play Pro Clubs or friendly coop matchmaking that does not even start at all. Or that it hangs on Finding match so you need to restart, are these functions still present? Happy to pay 70 euro again for this;)

  27. If you buy now, we include a new color type for the goal, so you can paint it in any ridiculous color, that basically nobody likes except for kids . Pre order your extra special ultra rare limited amazing edition NOW for only 129 dollar!!

  28. All this for what? To change the whole gameplay in a month and make it exact same as 22

  29. 1 question , 10 hours early we are gnna have that this year too?! What day?! That s the only thing i dnt know all years 🤣🤣 thnx if someone can help!

  30. Испортили фифу. Ещё хуже сделали

  31. I’m still an old gen player and this is just depressing to look at. Seeing next gen players get a lot of new cool features. This is just..depressing

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