Dodgers at Pirates | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

Live from PNC Park in Pittsburgh, watch the Pirates take on the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, June 10 at 12:30 PM ET, 9:30 AM PT on YouTube.

MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube brings live baseball to YouTube! Stream select games for free across your favorite devices on the MLB YouTube channel.

Dodgers at Pirates Pregame Show: 00:00:00
Dodgers at Pirates Game: 00:30:15
Dodgers at Pirates Postgame Show: 03:31:50

Pirates YouTube Channel: @Pittsburgh Pirates
Dodgers YouTube Channel: @Los Angeles Dodgers

The game featured live game commentary from the Pirates, Dodgers, MLB and YouTube creators!

Pirates participants: Matt Capps, former Pirates reliever
Dodgers participants: Rowan Kavner, Dodgers Insider/Team Reporter
MLB participants: MLB Social Team

YouTube creator participants:

@Austin Kleschka
@Benny No
@Cowboy Jeff
@FivePoints Vids
@Made The Cut
@Antonelli Baseball
@Movie Gaming TV
@The Fireball Review
@The Fumble


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  2. 올해는 메이저리그 화이팅 미주리 부시스타디움

  3. I know I should know but can anybody tell me what happened to Walker buehler

  4. Ive had the exact opposite experience theres tons of campers, they made it so you can go into practically every building. Theres so many windows to shoot out of and buildings for people to hide in. It also feels like the maps arent the regular 3 line maps just a glob of buildings.

  5. I do hope the Atlanta Braves win it all again. That will be righteous if they do. Go Braves!!!

  6. 😊thank you MLB. actually i play baseball myself so thank you

  7. Ah PNC Park, the best stadium for the visiting team 👍

  8. Mookie is a small guy…sooner than later, mother nature is gonna tell him the days of punching above his narrow shoulders is OVA!

  9. The Washington Nationals might not even play their game

  10. The shoe string catch and throw from mookie Betts will be on highlight films for a long time.

  11. What entertaining announcers for this game! Lots of great player insights. The string of alligator comments in the Allegheny River outside the stadium were hilarious. Great job by the YouTube team!!

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