Delta Green: Shattered

Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury.

Welcome to “Delta Green: Shattered”, where we find 3 Agents entering a quarantined building. Their task: discover if this quarantine was placed due to supernatural occurrences, and shut it down if it is.
Will the agents discover the cause of the quarantine? Will they make it back out of the building in their right minds, or even alive? Watch to find out!

CONTENT WARNINGS: violence, language, and mild gore.

Cynthia Marie as Agent Leliah:
Joséphine McAdam as Agent Raziel:
Lexi as Agent Bliss:
Kerri Smith as Case Handler:

Produced by Crossroads Games:

Published by arrangement with the Delta Green Partnership. The intellectual property known as Delta Green is a trademark and copyright owned by the Delta Green Partnership, who has licensed its use here. Illustrations by Dennis Detwiller are reproduced by permission. The contents of this video are written by Kerri Smith as an original scenario with original characters. The elements of this video that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property belong to Delta Green and I am claiming no ownership of the system or setting.


  1. This was amazing! Delta Green is one of my favourite TTRPG settings, and this was such a spooky, twisted story – what an ending! The players and handler all knocked it out of the park. I'd love to see this group do more Delta Green together at some point. <3

  2. This has the promise to be an amazing show. The ads every 5 minutes takes away from the immersion unfortunately.

  3. Stunning cast and brilliant storytelling as always.

  4. Such a fantastic time playing with you all!! 🖤🖤🖤

  5. That ending though…congrats to all the ladies!

  6. An excellent cast and an interesting and atmospheric story. Really enjoying this

  7. Such a great crew, such a superbly spun tale Kerri!!!

    What a great story!

    …gods Kerri, those endings!😮

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