Death Guard vs Blood Angels – Live!

On this week’s live battle it’s the mighty Blood Angels played by the BA Commander, battling up against the Death Guard (Heretic Astartes) force played by Colin from the Plastic Krak Heads!. This will be a 2000-point competitive game.

Blood Angels:
Death Guard:

Come hang out with us, we will take some questions from chat if we can before and during the games and we’ll be talking a bit of tactics throughout. Sit back, grab a brew and enjoy some live 40k.

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Leave your comments below, we do our best to answer every comment and thanks for watching!


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  1. How does the no charge effect work? Can it not be partly counteracted with whirlwind?

  2. I might very well have missed something, but don't the Deadly Pathogens only affect a single weapon, meaning that the Deathshroud Terminator Sargent only gets exploding sixes on one of the Plague Spurts Gauntlets?

  3. I wondered how John went from 8 CP down to 2 CP in one fight. It seems the Colin and John both took CP away for overwatch good friendly game all around

  4. Mortarion turns off auras so the Captain's Rites of War aura does nothing, meaning he is not Obsec next to Mortarion and the DC were not obsec. DG should have won this

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