Dak Prescott Is Even Better Than You Think

Dak Prescott Highlights – The Dallas Cowboys bring one of the NFL’s best offenses to the field every single week, and are built to win a Super Bowl. Dak Prescott has hit his final form, and is surrounded by an ascending CeeDee Lamb, explosive Tony Pollard and impactful role players. Josh McCown and Josh Norris dive deep into what makes this group potentiall special, on this episode of SCHEME presented by Underdog Fantasy

0:00 Cowboys Are Built To Win The Super Bowl
3:19 Shoutout to Cooper Rush
7:12 Dak Prescott x CeeDee Lamb = Special
8:29 CeeDee vs Jaire Alexander
11:06 Isolating CeeDee Lamb
14:19 CeeDee Lamb Switch Concept
18:45 Now Out of the Slot
23:29 Tuck Your Chain In
26:30 Dalton Schultz, Key Role Player
30:43 87 Percent Redzone Success Rate
36:00 Ezekiel Elliott vs Tony Pollard
43:00 Tony Pollard is SOOOO Explosive
46:44 4th Read Dak Prescott
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  1. Wouldn’t the Cowboys be better if they managed Dak like Cooper Rush. Not that restrictive but not chucking to get yards. Try to win not be the #1 offense


  3. My family loves the Cowboys even Dak Prescott

  4. The plays you’re showing are against crap teams. When it really counts , he freaks out and gets that “dear in the headlights “ look on his face and throws an interception or sacked!

  5. ive seen dak make more horrible throws in a clean pocket then off platform dimes

  6. Lets gooooooo all my monday morning quarterbacks we love talking fantasy with a real QB

  7. I love these breakdowns. They give a lot of insight to the offensive side of the real life game that most of us don't understand.

  8. I don't understand how underdog's content is not at the top. Great fantasy information that has certainly helped me win more

  9. I’m actually surprised how good the cowboys have looked this year

  10. Looking forward to showing my dad Scheme/the channel! I found out last week he has been playing fantasy all year and didn't tell me! 😂With him being a former coach, QB & RB, he'll really appreciate this show. As always, thanks for the content, top tier stuff.

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