Can you play Fortnite on an Xbox 360?


  1. I have an xbox 360 too, basically internet explorer xbox360 edition no longer works

  2. Doesn’t work for anyone who doesn’t wanna watch

  3. The resson why it would not work is that xbox said that internet explorer would not be in service anymore.

  4. the way that tts spelled xbox 360 makes me want to commit mass genocide

  5. yeah it's not working you dummy

  6. Como instalo bing en xbox 360 (sin xbox live )?

  7. holy shit you have the happy wars helmet

  8. Bruh how can xbox contain windows media center that tile is literally fake

  9. Some Mfs in these comments really thought there’s a way to play Fortnite on Xbox 360

    Dawg if you have half a brain you know damn well that this guy is wasting your time

  10. You Can't Because The Xbox 360 Web Browser Quit Working

  11. The Internet Explorer app worked up until at least a few years ago. Now most sites don’t work.

  12. This is whar k was trying to do just now but i found out they stopped internet explorer too 😢

  13. พลสิทธิ์ สู้สงคราม says:

    Thank​ you​ so​ much​ 😊✨🙏✨

  14. If it worked your xbox 360 would explode

  15. I mean I think u can connect the 360 controller to Xbox one somehow but idk how

  16. Let's see if we can play fortnite!
    proceed to enter Internet Explorer after July 15, 2022

  17. I like how she said “three- hundred- and sixty”

  18. it's three sixty not three hundred sixty

  19. That Xbox 360 came from Microsoft, the corporation and in

  20. Believe it or not, it wouldve been on the xbox360 but the xbox one came out 😂

  21. this man has the happy wars avatar hat
    god tier

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