Busting Valorant Myths Pt.6921

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  1. Man, its very useful to know that the wall prevents Omen from picking up the spike. Usefull for clutches

  2. don't look at the spike when using the ultimate omen, just click f then x quickly. if you see the spikes you will waste time and be shot by the enemy.
    I am actually Omen main btw

  3. You can just slide past through the crouch thingy in pearl defender's side using neon's E slide

  4. You can stand over the spike to stop Omen from Ult-grabbing the spike

  5. You can stop phoenix with turret but you need to put farther away(need practise)

  6. Phonics you s posable juts need the place turret right

  7. You can trap phoenix after his ult you put the kj turret farther

  8. Bro is so dumb he put the turret inside the ikr you have to put it on the outside to trap them

  9. You can just cancel the ult quickly… No need to look at the spike or press f…. Can do it with weapon to… If you drop the weapon before you ult…

  10. You can just ult on top of the spike and quickly cancel it, you don't have to wait even for a second -A certain Omen main

  11. While I was in com I had a weird experience.
    And it looked like while you are in cyper cage it looked clear when you are blinded by omen.

  12. You can kill killjoy turret using raze sachel

  13. you cannot be detained when kj ult and reyna press e

  14. Can you block omen from ulting on spike if you have 3 people standing on the spike

  15. A little distance to trap pheonix on his ult.

  16. actually you can still pick up the spike with omen ult if you ult in the spike and cancel it imediately, It ignores if somebody is on top of the spike or some other abilities

  17. A lot of these were patched a while ago I remember the good old days of buggy kj turret and omen ult interacting w things

  18. Here's one I found, if you send a yoru clone on pearl to the little crawl space you can actually trap someone In that corner

  19. Tbh even if you aren’t an omen main im pretty sure every one has seen the omen picking up spike with ult one

  20. guys i have a question. 31 january i download new update. before this update my fps was 50-60. after this update my fps is 20 help me please

  21. one more thing: if you just stand correctly on the spike, Omen can't ult to take it, his spawn will be next to you (and the spike).

  22. you can pur a yoru decoy with right click in a sage wall and he will live until you let him out

  23. block the spike with 2/3 people then omen ult to pick the spike did it eork?

  24. You can trap phoenix ult using killjoy turret just not the way shown in the video, if the turret is placed slightly away from the wall the phoenix will tp back and won't be able to jump over the turret, oc he can just break it tho so not sure how usefull this would be

  25. Whoever thought of that first one is just special lol

  26. can u try the "if u stand on the spike and look down omen ult cant pick it up?"

  27. These ones were kinda obvious. Overall, nice videos

  28. I think you can trap phoenix just don’t put the turret directly on the turret

  29. Everyone knows about the omen ult one, but damn i just learned that you can block it with the Sage wall 😮

  30. Myth is something that’s not true, so when you say myth confirmed you mean that it’s not true and actually a myth. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  31. The omen picking up spike isn’t even a myth but a straight up strat

  32. the omen thing is one of the most common ult uses

  33. bro the pehonix trap works but if you dont put it really far in the corner just a little bit out

  34. the turret one is true actually u just have to place it infront they cant break it

  35. I think if you ult near the sage wall, and not on top you can pick the spike

  36. Bro who thinks to put a cypher cage on the eye 💀 in no world would that have worked

  37. You can trap phoenix in a corner if you put the turret diagonal to it

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