BEST Website Games to Cure Boredom *UNBLOCKED*

Best games to play to cure your boredom

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How to play games like Minecraft Rocket League Subway Surfers Five Nights at Freddy’s multiplayer with friends on school computers like chrome books unblocked website and how to play these! Websites to cure boredom, best games to play in school


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  1. My school blocked it and they don't block allot

  2. my teacher has go gaurdian so she sees it all so this aint worth it

  3. I new mine craft but among us and fnaf

  4. our teacher lets us play mindcraft on fridays sometimes

  5. Mfs that have gogaurdian: If I lie. God may not be so merciful

  6. Can we use discord or Instagram or like even YouTube?

  7. it block for me
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀
    Bro said “five nights at Jason’s “💀

  8. “Five nights at Jason’s”💀

  9. My school blocked hundreds of gaming websites, youtube, google web store, tiktok etc

  10. It’s caratherized as p corn 🙁 my school may be mad at me

  11. Blud I tried this website and my chromebook said it was classified as p*rn

  12. I did this and the teacher banner me from using the computers cus im not even allowed to use google 😂💀

  13. My school not even allow any kind of device from watch to laptop 😢😢

  14. I’ve found a workaround to my school’s blockers. They blocked tons of sites, and they blocked practically every unblocked proxy. However, on my home computer, I can make a website on Google sites, and using that, I’ve gone into sites that are blocked on my school pc, and I’ve put them all into one website. The funny part is that even if they block my site, all I’ve gotta do is make one small change to the website, and then re-upload it with a different link address, and boom. Unblocked. Checkmate Lanschool. (That’s the name of my school’s blocker)

  15. Ah yes il go onto a website I’ve never hear before, and click on free versions of games that are 20 to 70 $ definitely not sus

  16. I tried to get on my school computer because it said it was categorized as p**n

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