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  1. bro ty i be getting bored in class bro tu

  2. everythings blocked with amazon aws (even Google sites)

  3. Bro thank you, you just saved me from boredom at school

  4. bro literally my entire grade uses ur website. good job

  5. it said the url wasn’t found on this server

  6. The principal can see whats on my chromebook

  7. Bro my school blocked this website fast

  8. Bruh my sister friend made pizza edition stop the cap ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  9. Bro is the savior for all the boys at my school

  10. Yo if u hear this make it so does not see Weser on the left bc my class mate can see and I don’t want it to get ban

  11. I have already started making my own. I added certain features such as tab cloaking and using an iframe to cover all the content of the site using an image.

  12. Bro thank you so much me and the boys play this all the time

  13. Can you put new links in the slides so that we can get pizza edition back the teachers blocked every link for new pizza edition

  14. This is a lie he did not make it it’s from 5monthe

  15. Bru I was looking and my teacher closed my tab (its SUNDAY)

  16. I played it for the entire computer recess and it got blocked sadly 😢

  17. No matter what game I search in school, it’s always blocked. Now all I have is kiddy math games and geometry dash🤧😤

  18. The blocked the pizza edition. Rest in peace to the legendary unblocked website 🕊️🕊️🕊️

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