BEST Keyboard & Mouse Settings for Fortnite Chapter 4!

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  1. how do i get the textures that they display in the video for their builds like wood sorry first day on fortnite.

  2. Whats the code to the maps you were using in this vid

  3. Why when I try 7% of sensibility it’s super slow ?

  4. Love the part where he showed his binds

  5. For like 2 years I have been using 28% 28% 80% and 100% with 800 dpi because I have a small mouse pad. I don't know if this is way too high but I'm used to it.

  6. Something for those who dont have extra buttons on mouse

  7. your kidding….another upload that doesnt mention why people play 1600 dpi lol im 1600 8% arm aim

  8. Your video is in favor of those who have side buttons on their mouse what about the res of us who only have left and right click plus scroll thumbs down bud

  9. I just want settings not a fucking complete walkthrough

  10. I made it so cone is Q and my pickaxe is now F, my inventory is now Left alt. Good settings?

  11. How do you access a training map like in the video? First time player, and i'd like to not have to die in a 100 straight matches before learning just the basics, thanks.

  12. what keybind do you recomend for sprinting please tell me

  13. I am happy that the thunder cant one shot i hate one shotting weapons

  14. am i the only person who plays on 90% sensitivity and 1200 DPI

  15. I don't have 2 side buttons for my mouse but thanks for the video

  16. You are a beast, thank you so much. Question, do you post tips for PlayStation players for my friend

  17. Am i the only player who plays with arrows?

  18. How do I make it so the key I click instantly build instead of I have to click another key to place the build?

  19. But if u use ur wrist for aiming u might cause alot of hand injuries like rsi

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