BEST Keyboard & Mouse Settings for Fortnite Chapter 4!

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  1. 30 feels natural to me and I've just started playing on keyboard

  2. What’s the best kbm setting for 6400 dpi

  3. Answer of The Day: Yes I am glad because everyone would use the Thunder Shotgun

  4. I’ve never loved anyone more rn♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. i don’t have a mouse with mouse buttons 🙁

  6. i think thunder pump should 1 shot but its out now we have the havoc pump

  7. My mouse dont have two side buttons on it 😢

  8. wow, opened the video and was greeted with most showman voice I've ever heard!

  9. I'm not looking to go that far in my fortnite gaming skills; i still want a social life

  10. Im good at editing but not building so i dont play edit courses

  11. This guide made me so much faster, I had this feeling of not being right with my settings until i found this video. Thank you

  12. Is the guy in the clip using edit on release on?

  13. DO NOT JUST PUT THESE ON AND THINK YOUR GOING TO BE A GOD? Then I got some news for you! You should put these in your settings than edit and adjust to where your comfortable!

  14. I love your videos thats all I watch and yes I do like the thunder shotgun it don't one shot

  15. Every time I go to put my roof bind in whatever button I press it doesn’t change it to

  16. I'm 41, and i used to play with a son of a friend,, back in the Xbox, and i didn't like the game at that rime, now im playing on the PC, and started to play again with the kid, and yeah, i started to like the game, it's very addictive, also for those who like focus only in surviving, (like me), the zero build, is a very nice addition…👌, i even bought skin's 😂

  17. i love the scroll down edit release but it takes away my scroll down for changing weapons which i find way faster and easier than pressing a key. anyone got a solution?

  18. Do keyboard user really have to use a button to place a building

  19. I lowerd my sensitivity from 27% to 12 and I can hit literraly every shot now! I will be subscribing and hopefully helping out your channel! 😀

  20. hey bro wat if u dont have side thumb button on your mouse

  21. if im holding down the build button i cant switch to my stairs can someone help

  22. I want to get better but it doesn’t work when I do new keyboard setting

  23. It does not show confirm edit on release for my PS4 but I have a mouse and keyboard plugged into my PS4 so will it work?? Because it says Auto confirm edits ?????

  24. I don’t have side buttons on my mouse 😢

  25. Blah blah blah blah get on it already omg

  26. i am little late to play fortnite but dam this guy is good in this shit i can build and play good

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