BEST GeForce Now Laptop Fortnite Settings #shorts


  1. So he’s basically saying I have money

  2. omg choosing the battle royal or creative or save the world that screen hit dif

  3. in a year all the money u spend on the membership u couldve js bought a pc

  4. I literally use a 59 dollar Chromebook and GeForce now works flawlessly also highly advise the ea play membership for 4.99

  5. Which membership do you use the 10$none or the 20

  6. geforce now to work for me im stuck at 76 fps and my screen got blury and pixel

  7. I get 120fos without geforce now but ild love to try 300fps

  8. Bro if I use gfn there is no settings like being able to lower graphics

  9. i have the cheapest membership so i still have to wait for 100 people or so and i only have 1 hour but it is just so smooth

  10. I won’t listen to you because your black like bro what do you want me to say “ayo wassup g u got them b*tches in the bag rn come fetch em my nig6a”

  11. Hello just wondering witch vivo book are u using and do u have any recommendations on a cheap laptop for fortnight

  12. dam nice I use geoforce now so thank you I already new this but thanks for putting it out:) earned a sub

  13. It resets every time when I put it to performance😢 mode it switches back to detect 11

  14. 𝐌𝐎𝐁𝐘𝐗𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐓𝐙 says:

    Where is meshes

  15. Me having a free member ship no gpu and still getting 200-300fps on GeForce now

  16. Can you gift me the member ship it would mean a lot❤😢

  17. wondering does the game feel choppy because it is very choppy on the free one

  18. I got priority membership 6 months on GeForce NOW

  19. is it THAT good tho? i got i5 5250u with no gpu will i get over 120fps in game pls say yes i dont care about the 1 hr i get like 30fps ingame man

  20. Can you use a chrombook for GeForce now and play games like fall guys with good graphics and fps with priority membership?

  21. thanks for giving me the courage that i could get good on laptop

  22. can u do a tutorial on how to actually get on fortnite on geforce now because when i get on it it says streaming games are not available on this browser

  23. The app is amazing but what I don't like is when I get out of fortnite my settings completely restart and it can get really annoying does this happen too you?

  24. bro got the fucking school laptop and $6 “gaming” mouse ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

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