Best bullet hell games on PC

Bullet heaven or bullet hell? Depending on your point of view, the following list of games could be either. Prepare your calloused fingers, hold down your fire button and don’t even think about staying still; here are the top 10 bullet hell games on PC.

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  1. Don’t remind of cuphead, the pain……..

  2. You know I recently discovered this channel, and I'm liking it a lot. Most of my PC peripherals are from LG anyway ( mechanical keyboard, mouse etc..) but the content is actually very well made and straight to the point. Definitely worth subscribing 😉

  3. Welp. Guess it's time for me to empty my wallet.

  4. If you don't find touhou great bullet hell, don't even bother calling yourself human.

  5. Where is The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth/Afterbirth/Afterbirth+?

  6. ксхн-канал с хорошим названием says:

    I m done with jsb.

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