Best bullet hell games on PC

Bullet heaven or bullet hell? Depending on your point of view, the following list of games could be either. Prepare your calloused fingers, hold down your fire button and don’t even think about staying still; here are the top 10 bullet hell games on PC.

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  1. Man please answer to at least one question of these people: Why there is not Touhou in video and why is cuphead in video?

  2. I would not even be pissed if its 100% CAVE games in this list. But why tf Cuphead over Touhou? Also the last games you mentioned none of them are bullet hell, like 30% of the games here.

  3. Some people commenting down don't even know what touhou is but still they comment on it………..this is what u cal influence……….XD

  4. I believe Touhou aint on the list because they couldn’t handle it XD

  5. A lot of people saying: "You don't know what bullet hells are" don't know what bullet hells are themselves.
    Touhou isn't bullet hell, it is A bullet hell. He probably knew Touhou was popular so he featured 'less popular' ones here. Altough a honorable mention could've been nice. Be happy he made this video with new titles, instead of being mad that he didn't feature the most well-known franchise.

  6. ctrl + f
    1/126 doesn't even include the reply comments

  7. Game: enemy shoots a single bullet
    Journalist: ToP 10 BuLleT HeLL

  8. All: where are touhou

  9. Umm Undertale is a bullet hell game u know

  10. “Top ten bullet hell games on PC”
    (Doesn't mention Binding Of Isaac)
    Binding Of Isaac: Am I a joke to you?

  11. Stop asking about touhou. Touhou is not bullet hell game

  12. Hey what about project amthra

  13. What I have learned from this video is that a lot of people don't know the difference between Bullet Hell, Shoot em' up, Run and Gun and Top Down Shooters.

  14. This comment section is the definition of toxic Touhou fans. I like how there's no benefit to Touhou being on this list other than to please those who keeps spamming it. Completely ignoring what the guy making this list could've thought.

  15. Shapes & Beats feels as if Geometry Dash was a bullet hell.

  16. Me who was trying to search a Roblox game

  17. everybody's talking about Touhou but nobody is determined enough to talk about the game where the first major boss has the same stats as the final (technically second or third to the last boss depending on the route) boss

  18. If you're looking for a good bullet hell game in 2022, Returnal is the best option there is (assuming you have a ps5 or it gets a PC port soon)

  19. 1. Touhou franchise
    2. Enter the Gungeon
    3. Ikaruga

  20. There may be good games, but the best games aren't here, touhou exists ya know

  21. Top 10 bullet hell games on PC:
    Sans: Do you wanna have a bad time?

  22. Cirno's number ⑨ fan looks submissive and breedable

  23. Where is touhou at though, it has a million quality games and it is a bullet hell unlike any other. Also I noticed all Touhou comments were ignored by the creator of the video lol.

  24. Most of these are not even bullet hell.

  25. I feel like it's a joke that Touhou hasn't been included. It's just such a obvious game serie not to neglige

  26. Nice list. I kinda wish you included Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu lol.

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