Auto Lights & Heater, Save Power 🛢 Rust Console 🎮 PS4, XBOX

Save Power, setup automatic lights and heaters that turn on an doff with the day and night cycles in Rust Console. Now that Rust Console Edition has power surge (Electricity) you need to know how to setup an electric lights and how to setup the new electric heater if you are going to be playing in the snow biome. Lights and Heater guide for the power update (Power Surge). Setup heaters and lights easily Power Update on Rust Console Edition on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X. This solar guide will show you how to setup light and heater clusters for maximum light and heater for your base and for future farming 2.0 update. Along with an Easy cheap Solar setup on Rust Console edition I include basic setups that you can use today, Solar Panel Setup for Rust Console Edition. Having trouble hooking up the new Power Turrets in Rust Console? This Guide will help you hook up solar panels store power to any of the batteries in Rust Console Edition. Power Surge (Electricity Update) has been released for Rust Console Edition PTB (testing Branch) for PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Power Electricity Update just around the corner we have a halloween event coming to Rust Console in October on Rust Console Edition for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5.Rust Console Edition Public Testing Branch (PTB) update Electricity (Power Surge) that will bring in all new electronic items and electricity gameplay and resources. The Next Huge update that will include power surge (electricity) on Rust Public Testing branch, and then will be on Rust Main Branch (Live Branch). New building blocks: Triangle Ladder Hatch, Triangle Hatch Frame, Spiral Stairs (square and triangle) procedural corners, procedural roof tile, Triangle roof tile, vehicle ramps, new steps. Rust Tech Tree Update will bring in Larger Maps (3k), Tech Tree, Power Plant Monument, Target Practice & Builders Paradise Servers (Custom Server Types). Some of the things included in the update are: Tech Tree, Larger Maps, Power Plant and PvE servers. Rust Console news update, Rust Test Branch will bring: Larger Maps, Tech Tree, PvE servers, Recoil changes. New content added to Rust Consoled edition that includes: Supermarket, Trainyard, Water Treatment Branch. Update Rust console Edition Now! Rust Console has brought in new monuments Trainyard Monument, Water Treatment Branch and abandoned supermarket. Rust Console Edition for PS4, Xbox, PS5, Xbox Series X, now have new monuments and here is a guide to find them. Rust Console Monuments are back! Train Yard, Water Treatment Plant and Supermarket and now back in Rust Console. Quick Rust console news update. Rust Console on PS4 and PS5 will never be the same with the Power Surge update coming in soon. Rust console Power Surge update will bring in really big turret changes for all players PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X. Rust console electricity system will bring change they way you raid and the way you build and defend your bases. Rust console update news for PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PS5, xbox Series X, Xbox series S. Bringing you the latest Rust Console Edition News for all Rust console platforms PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X. This amazing open world survival game is now full release. We go over mouse and keyboard support, Skin support for console, Rust+, Controller layout, Twitch Drops crossplay and Rust getting an ESRB/PEGI rating recently. New Rust Console Info! Rust PS4 and Xbox Beta News! The most up to date information on the Rust Console Edition. I am more excited than ever to share the most up to date information about one of the biggest open world survival titles to be released on the console platform ever! Gary has confirmed it and now we are just asking ourselves when this PvP Open World Survival game is coming to PS4 and Xbox. Rust is the premiere PvP open world survival game that all other games are judged by. Relive gaming nostalgia with extensive emugamesonline catalog.

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  1. So what have learned? I have to watch the video first but it’s something about power

  2. There's either a lot of cheaters on Xbox or admins abused their power I was literally followed around the map from sleeping bag to sleeping bag and shot down is this game developed by children?

  3. Thanks Jade. I was wondering if there was away for auto lights.

  4. Only problem i have found at the moment is it dont matter if there on or off it still draws power

  5. btw, if yall are wondering how you can keep the heater on at all times with this circuit, before plugging it into the blocker, plug the battery into the heater then plug the pass through into the main blocker input. I find that normally its too cold to leave it off in the day.

  6. Hey Jade can you make a tips and tricks video for things that console has and pc doesn’t or even things people wouldn’t know like the organizing in inventory and loot boxes everyone I ever meet I always tell them r3 organizes boxes and inventories and they never knew about it I knew about it since beta but there is people that have played longer then me that don’t know these “tricks”

  7. Hey jade will you do a video on the hemp and how to fix it so it don't die after 2 hours

  8. So i was able to get the auto lights. But I wanted to have a switch for my tesla coil so i could us my solar panels during the day and battery at night. WOW. that wasnt easy. But think i have it. Using a AND switch. I think correctly

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