Assassin’s Creed 3 – E3 Official Trailer [UK]

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You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields.
You will not only witness history…you will make it.


  1. огонь из всех орудий и на помощь побижали люди.

  2. As the time starts passing by, people start to understand that Connor was a great character.

    His tragic story, his respect for the creed, his view on humanity and a hope for humanity, his brutality and his pure heart.

    He is a true face of HOPE.

    IF only this game had a DLC where he taught adewale's grandson eseosa and properly rebuilding the American brotherhood showing a proper ending to his life.

  3. For real this trailer looks like it was made yesterday 😮😮😮

  4. To me right after Ezio comes Connor. He has so much depth. For him it isn’t white or black he wants to know why. Such a good character and good background story. Altair is classic but a bit boring to be honest. Ezio is the man out of all. From playboy to one of the biggest philosophers.

  5. 10 years and still a masterpiece all the old ac trailers gives me eyegasm

  6. Oh man the part where he just cuts his head off. 😃👍

  7. The shot of the Bald Eagle looking over the battlefield at the start is just so god damn good.

  8. I can never get enough of Connor..this trailer always gives me goosebumps..Connor is my favourite Assassin of all time.

  9. We deserve a sequel to connors story, I hate that they change the assassin every game. Ezio isn’t just the best because he’s well written, it’s because we were with him through is youth, adulthood, late middle age, and old age/death if you watched the animation. Connor deserved the same

  10. (*( I can watch him live and die – for nothing …
    He talks about freedom … but for whom )*)

    [$(100)$] = yikes !

    : Lucky Charms cereal box
    : Captain Crunch cereal box
    : Quaker Oats package
    : The Uncle Sam Association paper

    “The Company that makes YOUtube ; it is not a social media”

    : tiny green army men a certain way
    : brown bag
    : 2 piece of wood
    : fire crackers

    …What really happened in 1867 …

  11. Nice trailer, the game was unfortunately not nearly as great. The scenes shown here did not appear at all. I still enjoyed playing the game, but I'm glad I hadn't seen the trailer beforehand, because I would have been disappointed for sure.

  12. I never really played at Assassin’s Creed, but damn this trailer is amazing!

  13. Man just after finishing rdr2 and watching my beloved horse die I came to watch this and felt my heart break again for that poor horse

  14. A decade later and this is still my favorite trailer

  15. Connor you fight like a young man, nothing held back impressive but mistaken. Our Mentor Ezio Auditore De Frienze fulfilled Altair destiny. He is real Assassin's The Ezio

  16. Henry ( قائد تيم جلد الشحاتين) says:

    When your pro friend joins your losing team

  17. Still one of the best video games trailers ever made I still get goos bumps

  18. This is one of the most badass trailers I’ve ever seen.

  19. This is one of the best cgi videos ever made, one of the best trailers ever made.

  20. R u fvkin kiddin me bruh look at that jump leap

  21. Sickest trailer I’ve ever seen to this day, man.

  22. 3 was the best one imo epic story best combat best parkour. It was peak assassins creed

  23. I remember this trailer bring on top right of the 360 homepage for a few weeks. Great times

  24. 10 years later still not over that horses death.

  25. We didn't know what he had until it was too late

  26. if you hadn,t made the game what would we do your doing brilliant job every game with magnificent stories wow😀

  27. Alternate ending: There wasn't a rock in the middle of the field and Connor proceeds to get shot multiple times

  28. Just finished this on my nintendo switch. For me this was the best assassins creed ever

  29. Assassins creed 3 & Unity had the best Most-Viewed trailers. and look at mirage.. sad

  30. There’s no way this game came out 10 years ago…. Right?😅

  31. Still gives goosebumps when the vocal music starts during the fight 😍💪🏼

  32. Fact: Connor can be boring.. but without a doubt he is the most skillful, cruel, agile and strong of all assassins.. It's a true one-man army

  33. 10 years later and still my favourite trailer of all time

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