Assassin’s Creed 3 – E3 Official Trailer [UK]

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You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will become the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields.
You will not only witness history…you will make it.


  1. the assasin was not doing it for them the assassin is just eliminating its target

  2. I’ve played this game and it was fun and I would play this game again and I would love to get Conner’s hidden blades and the tomahawk he has and the costume like his

  3. 10/10 still my favorite assassins creed game

  4. You know what I’m gonna play some assassin creed😄😄😄😄😄

  5. THIS should be the next Assassins Creed movie IMO

  6. Yo when the quiet kid joins the school fight

  7. "Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights…."
    US government 2020: Wait, that's illegal.

  8. Jesus loves you all he’s coming back soon with Gods wrath. Repent and turn to him ❤️

  9. People hate Connor because he's realistic. Change my mind.

  10. Pov Me fighting hoards of inner demon and wins.

  11. While this trailer is beyond ridiculous if you want to think about it seriously… this is kinda how npcs must feel about a player character. I wouldn't want to be an npc fighting a player. Maybe in DarkSouls?

  12. Literally the coldest trailer of all time

  13. هذا افضل جزء لعبته في حياتي
    جرافيك ✅
    القتالات ✅
    قصه ✅
    التحركات ✅
    شكرا ubisoft علي هذه اللعبه♥

  14. One of the best ac games. It had everything. Fun side missions, good world building (i especially like the frontier), story was interesting.

  15. When ac was an ac. Even if it was the beginning of the end in term of the storyline.

  16. Never bring guns to a knife fight

  17. I am watching this in 2023 but I still got the goosebumps
    I love this game

  18. Native American were not innocent!!!

  19. Every time watching this my thought is That's awesome & one of the best assassin's trailer ever.

  20. Connor in my opinion is the best assassin, he’s fighting for a cause bigger than himself, and not only is motivated by vengeance, but freedom for his people. His quietness speaks loudly also, he’s a native new to the world and still figuring out the white man’s way’s while also learning how to be an assassin. Plus he takes out an entire British army platoon here, so fkn badass.

  21. Connor has the coolest weapon
    Coolest clothes
    He is so damn good

  22. Ubisoft on Assassin's Creed 3 remastered when could you reactive Ubisoft servers uplay i Need assassin clothes

  23. Who knows where you can buy the original assassin 3?

  24. When a lvl 10 faceit player plays a matchmaking with silvers:

  25. Something tells me this didn’t sell as well in the UK as in the US.

  26. why this hasn't been made into literal trailer?

  27. this is what is called inspiration the motivation the power. bet i will remember this game and this trailor till the day i die till the min i die till the second i die and when ill be dead ill remember this game no game can compete with assassin's creed III –I BET–

  28. This trailer is always epic shame that the actual mission wasn’t this, but still good

  29. They speak of Liberty and Justice, but for who?

  30. AC serisinin tüm fragmanı neden bu kadar güzel oluyor?

  31. I just realized this is probably the only trailer where a hidden blade isn't used or an advancement on The Hidden Blade Gauntlet isn't shown

  32. верните нам детство

  33. I remember watching this trailer 10 years ago, back when our home internet was horrible and it took me an hour to watch this whole thing due to all the buffering.

    Good times 🙂

  34. Still giving me goosebumps even after 10 years.Probably the best video game trailer ever created.

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