*2022* How to Make an UNBLOCKED GAMES Website for Free!

This is how to make an unblocked games site, pls sub lol


  1. Can you make a website with roblox unblocked @Kazwire

  2. Wait if you have to go onto the sites to copy the url… why not just go on them.,. Is this just to hide the fact that ur doing it or is this unblocked game

  3. Thank you so much for making this and making free time bearable

  4. If your schoo, is using link wise then it won’t work sadly

  5. Im using my school chromebook to test it, made the site on a personal pc and its blocked please help!

  6. How do we make like a full screen button for the web site?

  7. I just finished making my first website because of your video. I’m going to try it out at school tomorrow.

  8. how do you make your url not show a error when you put the link?

  9. Can you do a tutorial to get around securly school website blocker please I tried this method, and the site still said site blocked

  10. Thanks I’ll be making a website called “the drippy games” and added some jokes as well as some references to other things, hope you enjoy it

    Edit: I sadly can’t make it because my goofy ahh school blocked google sites

  11. my school blocked
    the word unblocked
    the word games
    the word play
    most google sites

  12. How can i make it to when i click on a button, it opens the link in a new tab?

  13. this was great and I love how ez it was outhe people had me cuppy a html lint from insert and it was really confusing

  14. If the school blocked the original site that you umbed the url to, does the game not work?

  15. I tried to do this for myself and my friends but we have iPads for our school and they do not work I need help

  16. Uhm hi I’m sorry to bother but what do I have to do to when I don’t have form like request spreadsheet form can you help?

  17. Hm. Somehow the site appears for me but the games don’t show up

  18. when i went to the spreadsheet and went to insert, there wasn't an option for form

  19. also my school blocks the websites i put it. other types of unlbocked games have the same game, but they aren't blocked. do i need to get the link from the unblocked websites?

  20. just to help with your website being not blocked make sure to have math in there with at least 1 math game (and maby not anything to do with you) so you dont get sent to the pricibles office
    but yea it works all my friend love it its not like other websited were i have to run it form my compouter and it works

  21. Hey, just wondering, is there any way to make ads on google sites? Anyways nice tutorial bro

  22. Thanks dude ive been wanting to do this for months thx

  23. i cant go to forms but thanks for wasting my time

  24. mine says url was not found on this server

  25. any one please explain this to me ; your email and google accounts are not part of your response

  26. Thanks bro imma make one and save my friends lmao

  27. I just wanted to tell you this does not work. Sure it works to some extent. But if you actually have a school chrome book you will realize that when you just take the whole page and put it into another site it will still not work it will show that sad paper face because that site is still blocked if you just put it in a google sites or not. So in order to make a good working unblocked games site you should embed the code. But if you yoink your unblocked game website from a site that is not blocked in the school district but that site will probably become quickly blocked and that game on your site will not longer work for users.

  28. on my chrome book it keeps saying that we are sorry but you do not have access

  29. For me, it still blocks the embeds, I've tried even inserting HTML code, but for most of the games, it doesn't work.

  30. It didn't work because it said it was blocked by linewize

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