*2022* How to Make an UNBLOCKED GAMES Website for Free!

This is how to make an unblocked games site, pls sub lol


  1. woah this video was actually pretty professional tho

  2. Whenever I paste a link, it gives error. How fix

  3. do you think this would work for making light novel's/manga unblocked site?

  4. I hope I’m not the only one in bed making this so I can play blocked games at school tomorrow 0_0

  5. The games worked when I put it in but when I went to it on my school chromebook it said "Error 404 the requested url was not found on this server"

  6. This works for about 4
    30-40min then the school blocks the url of the game and it doesn’t work anymore

  7. when I try to make access it on my school Chromebook it says 404 error not found

  8. My website gave me a windows warning saying it was reported for containing phishing stuff etc. I didn’t add anything other than games and a link to a google form for the requests. This also happened as soon as the site went up, so nobody physically reported it. Any fix?

    Edit: it works with chromebook with no problem but my windows PC did not approve of it.

  9. This is a really helpful video, thank you for showing everything and not jump cutting. Great video btw!

  10. For some reason when I type a url into it, it doesn’t unblock it

  11. Everything works on my computer but when I go on my Chromebook and go to the games page it doesn't show the embedded game. Could you help?

  12. when you dont know how to code and use github pages…

  13. Hey, How do I access my site after I have created it?

  14. How do I edit my site after I have already published it?

  15. when i uploaded the site, i went on my school computer and went on the site and the site wasnt restricted, but the games were. can someone help

  16. Some schools actualy have tools that block embedded block websites

  17. what is the site name you made because it will not pop up

  18. thanks for making this tutorial, I'm currently working on making an unblocked games website that has a decoy New Tab at the top of all the pages so that people playing games on it can scroll up to the top if a teacher is walking by them, and if the teacher doesn't closely examine the screen then they'll likely pass it off as a new chrome tab
    if anyone's wondering what it'll be called, I'm planning on calling it New Tab (not only to advertise the new tab decoys, but also so that the tab itself is named New Tab), however I haven't finished adding games yet

  19. No way!!!! I just made my unblocked game site thank you!!!! I mean it I wish you have the best luck ever

  20. Thanks so much me and my friends are using my wedsite to play games all the time

  21. any chance we could make the embeds full screen

  22. there is a problem, it doesnt load for me at all. i am at home and the embedding doesnt work at all. can you help?

  23. when I try to access it on my school computer it says blocked by administrator what do I do??

  24. great explaining but i cant use it on my school device like i can access the site but the games dont show might just be this device but maybe not does anyone else have this issue?

  25. How do I get to them because the game is blocked

  26. Thank you bro i am currently making one for my school

  27. Should I do this on my school laptop or a personal laptop

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