*2022* How to Make an UNBLOCKED GAMES Website for Free!

This is how to make an unblocked games site, pls sub lol


  1. I made a google slide and designed it as a website for unblocked games, but i'm gonna try this and tell my class about the site


  2. How do I make it only show the game for games that are on their own game site

  3. i tested on my school chrombook it says 404 error

  4. Bro thank you so much for this you earned this sub

  5. what if the game your trying to put in is blocked but you can still get the URL code?

  6. do you know how I get the embeded code from another games website doing this?

  7. theres this site called unblocked games mom and it has bunch of gba and gb and basically all the emulators for the og games and i played it in school and my chromebook wont block it

  8. When I go to my website on my school computer it says 404 not found

  9. hey i can't seem to find the option to insert google form on the sheets. (i clicked insert but it showed everything else but the forms) help

  10. i try to use it but it says connection was reset when i am on a school chromebook and try to play the games

  11. tysm unblocked games wtf gets overloaded past like 10 am

  12. I tried this technique for my school, however, the websites that have already been blocked dont show up as games. Any advice?

  13. This tutorial DOES NOT WORK!

    The games are not unblocked, the title is very misleading.

  14. My unblocked games had worked for an hour, but then now it's saying refusing to connect. Do you know what to do, I'm kind of confused.

  15. Suggestion: just like rbs unblocked games add a panic button that opens a working google search site so it looks like you been researching instead of gaming

  16. how do i get a form because i cant insert one into the spreadsheet

  17. But what if the computer blocks those sights then it doesn’t work

  18. Could you do a tutorial on how to embed the code because most stuff is blocked at my school even google snake and minesweeper

  19. So, here's my issue. If I make the site with my school account, even with the links I have memorized, it doesn't work. it's blocked on the google site. Now if I make it on my home account, it says 404 wesbite not found on my school chromebook. What should i do?

  20. I made it but when I told my friends the games were blocked

  21. Question to fnf html porters: how do you guys convert fnf mods onto a website?

  22. Is there a way to make it fullscreen of just the game

  23. i havent tried this yet, and if it works it would be amazing, i just want to know if it will work with my school. Our school has an extension added to our accounts that blocks a bunch of games, so would this still work since it's just essentially an iframe?

  24. cant add forms to sheets

  25. Hi, this helped out a lot but I got stuck on the last part the Dev Stuff because on insert it did not say form so pls help if can.

  26. Lol i play this every day in school, im in 7th grade, what about you?

  27. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i didn't know you could that

  28. Do the embedded websites still work if the original sites are blocked?

  29. I was making a about:blank cloak embedded games for my google site, when I tested them out on my google site they didn't appear, Is there a solution to solve that?

  30. How Do I Fix Full Page Not Working It Only Shows Preview?

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