15 Best WORLD WAR Games of All Time

There have been tons of video games based on WW1 and WWII throughout the years, and thankfully most of them are good. Here are our favorites.
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Battalion 1944
PC, PS4, Xbox One

Commander: The Great War

Steel Division 2

Company of Heroes

World of Tanks
PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360


Day of Defeat

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

Valiant Hearts
PC, iOS, Android

Battlefield 1, Battlefield 1942
PC, PS4, Xbox One

Sniper Elite 4 + 3
PC, PS4, Xbox One

Call of Duty 2 + Call of Duty: World at War
PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Medal of Honor Frontline (and Allied Assault)
PC, PS3, PS2, Xbox

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway
PC, PS3, Xbox 360


  1. Company of Heroes has perfect gameplay and graphics. Its number one with a bullet.

  2. Hells highway was legendary.

    Waiting for that sequel. Loved commanding squads.

  3. Naturally, America always backs it's own….the rest of the world can rot for all they care. IT GETS THE REST OF AMERICA WHO DOES CARE A BAD NAME.

  4. Men of war series? Combat Mission series?

  5. Ps2 era was golden era all games but now generation games in 2021 it really 😑😑😑

  6. I want to pley a game with real people not robots! Like PUBG but biger like 500 Vs 500, air, Canon, Tank and … all in one game and both side is real people (we and enemy) someone know game like that?

  7. A year late but my god big respect on this video for mentioning CBFD that was my childhood right there 😂😂

  8. You can't mention the best WW2 games of all time without mentioning Medal of Honour Allied Assault and the original Call of Duty game on the PC. Also Return to Castle Wolfenstein; those crypt levels were creepy!

  9. I think the first Call of Duty was also really really good.

  10. Sniper elite 4 should be number one…it is the best strategic and stealth world war shooter ever….literally it is assassin Creed in world war 2…no world war game comes close…

  11. We are not that far away from wars with VR headsets,the technoligy is moving faster and smaller

  12. Shooter games are not strategy nor operational. At best they are a fantasy view of tactical combat.

  13. I love Brothers in Arm getting top 1 makes me happy……

  14. Aye don’t forget about enlisted is nice ww2 game too u know

  15. Wait, EEL 2? Pretty sure it is just the letters I L 2.

  16. Commandos series anyone? (excluding Commandos Strike Force which was an abomination)

  17. Gonna have to try Company Of Heroes, I loved OG Close Combat. Despite the graphics, the battles are pretty intense. A lot RTS games lack atmosphere.

  18. POV you wanna download a world war game to practise for the world war 3

  19. I can't believe you haven't included medal of honour airborne

  20. I request all governments, play video games instead of real war

  21. Half of this felt like an ad for RTS games lol, deffo not my style

  22. Suprised that I haven't seen Time Raiders on the list. Actually, I'm very excited for this shoot and loot game. They already released 4 in-game characters and my favorite is John, a wealth manager for the elites and has a love for danger. Hope you can make a review about this game!

  23. I always wanted to play Saboteur but it's never run on any PC I tried 🙁

  24. Any list without Panzer General is a list that can be ignored.

  25. come on how there is not Medal Of Honor PS1 games in it super nostalgic and immersive like never!

  26. Soooooo agree! Can’t even imagine topping Brothers In Arms. Thanks.

  27. Battlefield 1 is, in my opinion, the perfect game. Never seen such a horrifying yet fun game.

  28. Did anyone ever play battle stations Pacific and Midway?

  29. Wonder why there is no War Thunder in your list..

  30. Anyone with a quest 2 should check out warplanes ww1 fighters and warplanes battles over pacific

  31. Sniper elite is the dark souls of shooters

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