15 Best Third Person Shooters of This Generation You NEED To Play

The 8th console generation is almost at its end- at the very least, it’s no longer the “current” console generation. And like many other genres, third person shooters have had a good last 6 or 7 years, having seen the releases of several great games that will be remembered as genre highlights for years to come. In this feature, we’re going to tank what we feel are the fifteen best third person shooters of the PS4 and Xbox One era.

We do want to make one crucial note before we begin though- our primary consideration while formulating and ranking this list hasn’t been to judge these games as complete experiences, but rather to focus primarily on their shooting mechanics, and their strengths as third person shooters. If you see games in this list that you think are ranked too low or too high (which will probably happen), keep that crucial factor in mind.


  1. Number one in this list can be easily Guessed!!

  2. Uncharted 5 Battle Royale or Last of Us 2 MP?

  3. Loved the video, unfortunately I'm still looking for something similar to Metal Gear Online from MGS4 everything else just seems like a tease

  4. Dude put Fortnite on this list but not Max Payne 3.

  5. If Ghost Recon Phantoms had a story to it….Shoot and Loot and all that …..

    People would be playing today.

  6. where is evil within 1 and 2? Where is tomb raider survival trilogy?

  7. RE2 inaccuracy makes it a good third person shooter? talk about fanboyish with that game…

  8. Re 2 ratchel and whatever should be on the top of the list

  9. Amazing list but you should have added Ghost Recon breakpoint

  10. Not hating on fps but tps is simply the very best hands down and gives players the very best shooter experience 💯👑

  11. Am is the only one that thinks that PVZ Garden Warfare 2 should be on this list?

  12. Space ops the line is the one of best third person shooting. I love that game ❤

  13. Talking about gunplay alone, Max Payne 3 definitely has the best shooting than any of these imo

  14. Sunset overdrive was also a fun one to play

  15. Everything he said about Mass Effect Andromeda being a great shooter was correct, to put it below some of those games is criminal
    Res evil 2 might have been more of a success overall… but as a shooter MEA is way superior

  16. yall recommending Mass effect andromeda ? wth

  17. Right of the back. There's no way wild lands is 15th. No way!!!

  18. None of these caught realism the way socom did

  19. the list was great but am really shocked why there is not a single mention of the Underrated MASTERPIECE (or well, sleeper hit atleast!) MAX PAYNE 3?! That is bloddyy awesome fantastic mind blowing aaaaaa!!!

  20. great list. Felt Uncharted 4 and TLOU2 were absolute wonders in gameplay.

  21. Ive never played a gears game but g5 looks so good, still recommend?

  22. Is rdr2 not a tps or did they just make the biggest list snub in history

  23. Max Payne 3 is the best tps hands down

  24. So…, this is a list for tps on consoles right? there are a ton more more games with better shooting in pc, and yeah feels better and different when not everything is aim-assisted. Pure aim-assisted console games should not be even considered in my opinion, they are all almost the same, no great feeling when a machine is aiming for you, in those games you are only in for the story, or other mechanics. BTW, where is splinter cell? conviction and blacklist were super good on shooting mechanics.

  25. Nintendo always thinks outside the box that is why their games are very interesting

  26. Nintendo always thinks outside the box that is why their games are very interesting

  27. U forgot to mention the 1st the last of us game ! Which idc how much better the mechanics of the last of us 2 are ! The story sucked so bad that I would play the 1st the last of us game 500 more times before ever touching the last of us 2 ever again! Not to mention the advertising for the last of us 2 led me to believe the game would be a certain way , n then it wasn't! I felt tricked into buying the last of us 2 and lied to , and let down over all with how it ended up being ! I would rather play metal gear survive 100 more times before touching the last of us 2 again ! I would rather play days gone 1000 more times! I would rather play state of decay 2 , 1000 more times! I would rather play the 1st the last of us game 1000 more times before touching the last of us 2 game ever again ! All because of the story ! Now that being said if Neil druckman could get his head out of his ass ! And actually pay attention to what fans like ! Then I would have to say maybe I would play another 1 of his games , cuz the handling, the gun play , the shoot and cover the stuff with the work bench , the world and graphics were all great ! So obviously they have the basics down on how to make a good feeling( with its mechanics) and a good looking game ! But they need to revamp their idea process! Or revamp what they think ppl like for a story ! Cuz the only way some1 can like the last of us 2 in my opinion! Is if the person playing is a miserable person! And they love watching a misery fest over and over ! Joel and ellie together could have taken the franchise a lot farther! And maybe after 4 games with them 2 as the main characters then maybe do 1 with Tommy and ellie or maybe the last 2 could have been about Tommy and ellie ! Idk ! All I know is that adding Abby into the game as a playable character after what she does to Joel! After naughty dog already got us to like Joel and ellie as the protagonist! Then make abby the antagonist by killing Joel! Making every person playing the game hate her character! Then halfway through the game force every1 to have no other choice but to play as her , and try to like her and try to understand her ! But that is where they went wrong ! After what she did to Joel! No1 cares to want to learn about her and her pain or her perspective or whatever cuz naughty dog gave her no back story we had no idea who she was ! There were other characters that could have been chosen to be the other character to play as that had back story from the 1st game ! Like Tommy! Shit even his wife ! I would have liked better, or even ellie gf ! Cuz when u make us like characters who are on 1 team u keep the game or games about those ppl on that team ! Don't make us play as 1 team going after the other the go back in time and now see what the other team is doing ! Especially when the person u have to play as is made into the main antagonist ! If they didn't do that to abby then maybe she could have been likable! But whoever was the person to kill Joel , should not have been playable cuz that person should have gotten killed in the end ! That is the 1 thing that would have made the game feel rewarding ! And it's the 1 thing that didn't happen! N everything ended in misery! But maybe that's what happens to ppl who can't define what a women is ! They end up making shitty game stories cuz they are disconnected from the majority of ppl who play video games ! They made a game they would like ! Not what fans would like ! And they knew what they were doing in advance! It's disgusting! So a bad story can and did ruin what could and should have been a great game ! On top of it all that game didn't deserve 1 award related to its story! There were other things that were good but that 1 thing ruined the rest of the game ! So until they fix it by making last of us 3 start off where Ellie wakes up front a nightmare and all of the game of the last of us 2 , we all get to see wad a nightmare ellie had ! And Joel is who wakes her up from it ! Then in the game u get to play as ellie and Joel in the last of us 3 ! And it be about totally different enemies and they have to go to totally different places ! Except for the zombies obviously they would be the same !

    If naughty dog did that ! I would buy the last of us 3 and would be willing to try that franchise again ! But if something like that doesn't happen n they follow the in same steps they left off with how the last of us 2 ended then me and millions of other ppl ( gamers ) will never touch another game from naughty dog ever again !

  28. There will be other video part 2 I loved the video

  29. I tried playing cod with one of my sons a while ago I just couldn’t do it 🤷🏽‍♂️ now socom,ghost recon ,games like them I can play for a while oh and I can’t forget all the metal gears😁😁

  30. Gears 5 is without doubt one of worst games i ever played. Cover, shoot, kill and reapeat 9843232432 times.

  31. Warframe wouldn’t be as successful if it’s 3rs person shooting was crap.

    It’s okay dude… just put game that only you like

  32. it's "tight" and it's "solid" – Hahaha! What the hell are you trying to say?

  33. Gears of war stole killswitch cover shooter mechanic

  34. your chapters are missing some games. for example, the part saying Mass Effect Andromeda also covers splatoon.

  35. Was almost gonna bitch about omitting Returnal, this just popping up in my feed, then I saw the date.

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