15 Best PvE Games You Can Play Right Now

Over the years, PvE games have risen in popularity with players, either solo or in co-op, tackling various AI threats. There’s a good amount of freedom available in how you play and progress. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best PvE titles available right now.


  1. Where the fuck is Borderlands and why have only 2 others mentioned it

  2. I normally hate channels like this because it is just regurgitating the same stuff just to make a long video. I feel like you hit what is needed and move on. I know my opinion is small in comparison to the other comments, but I really appreciate the time you put in and the fact you hit on important parts without dragging it on. Awesome stuff.

  3. You can’t play sea of thieves with only PvE…

  4. Very nice video !! Finally someone with a good taste !

  5. Where was Warframe on this list? It could’ve totally taken Destiny’s spot, it’s basically just a better version and it’s free too

  6. The fact that in 2021 they still don't timestamp the list videos piss me off hard!!!

  7. Uhh its fact that you won’t enjoy as a solo player the “pve”
    content of Sea of Thieves.

  8. I'll do timestamps since they wont.

    00:00 Intro
    00:47 #1 Final Fantasy 14
    1:26 #2 Monster Hunter Rise
    2:02 #3 Terraria
    2:30 #4 Valheim
    3:02 #5 Sea of Thieves
    3:38 #6 Warhammer: Vermintide 2
    4:09 #7 Destiny 2
    4:46 #8 Zombie Army 4: Dead War
    5:17 #9 Dying Light
    5:45 #10 The Division 2
    6:10 #11 Path of Exile
    6:44 #12 Diablo III
    7:10 #13 Outriders
    7:41 #14 Grim Dawn
    8:14 #15 Remnant: From The Ashes

  9. as soon as u said diablo 3 in the list.. i disregarded your entire review.. completely out of the loop

  10. You know a lot of these games looked interesting until I saw Outriders in this list. Don’t buy that game. You’re welcome.

  11. Its 2021 yet they still use the oldest Terraria gameplay they can find in every single video…

  12. Put the platforms we can play on next to game titles please

  13. Yall know youtube has a feature to partition videos into easily watchable sections now, right? Also 1080p video sucks, upload in 1440.

  14. Terraria is one of the best games I have ever played. You MUST play this game. With friends the experience is 30 times better. If you enjoy Minecraft than you will love this game.

  15. The forest is also a great game to play but only with friends

  16. Destiny 2 is fine but only with friends. I mean the activities which really matters in this game (Crucible, Raids) are not really PVE. Raid is PVE but you can not solo it (not fully at least!). For a solo person there's only couple of things to do – Story Campaigns (Which are super short btw!), Strikes (Yeah! good luck playing same nightfall strike over and over again!) and that's it really. There are other things which a solo person can do but those are worthless in regards to rewards.

  17. You lost any credibility when you mentioned Outriders.

  18. Sea Of Thieves is not PvE and you forgot Deep Rock Galactic.

  19. Guys got any pve co-op miny campaign like apex.

  20. They each have their own pluses and minuses yes OK loot and war frame isn’t that impressive it’s OK because you don’t get Luke drives you get the bits and pieces to put it together after five in a shooter is when you open it just forget it drop and you’re like oh my God I got that weapon I want exactly godlike stats on it but I wan destiny has been at war frame does not war frame on the other and let you build exactly what you want edit has an incredibly good movement system and good shooting good fighting The action combat is awesome the fact that it’s completely free and every DLC that they’ve had is free that’s also a plusOK the fact that they’ve never screwed you out of purchase accountant is also gloss OK you’re right war frame trumps asked me to by far

  21. destiny 2 but not warframe?….
    guys if u want a better game then destiny 2 then download warframe

  22. wtf gunfire fire reborn and deep rock galactic not in this top. is the best pve

  23. I'm going to drop Ghost Recon Wildlands in the mix too – in terms of an open world and working through the missions with online buddies it's been a fantastic game indeed, probably the most fun we've had as a mates group in some time. Four is a party, but we're coping ok with three of us. Two would be hard and of course one generates three bots to help…

  24. What about a list of cross play PvE games between PC and Xbox?

  25. Dayz should have been in this video, only the PC version tho, the console version is good but laggy and less stuff than the pc version

  26. And now again but now WITHOUT those dumb Zombies

  27. This list is garbage. You just pulled it offline

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