15 BEST Parkour Games That Will Test Your Mettle

Platforming games have been around since forever and enamored players of all ages, whether it’s focusing on precision jumping or entertaining exploration.

Parkour titles are a sub-genre in that respect, encompassing both aspects while presenting a unique experience. What are some of the more noteworthy parkour games? Let’s take a look at some of them here.


  1. assassin creed and dying light are the best parkour game to me

  2. Wheres Prince of Persia…😑😑n prototype too…

  3. io just want people to know that if you turn pro the movement in the game is literally top of the list. this dude just ass so it looks trash.

  4. Imo Dying Light 2 is beyond everything atm sadly. Even with the "superhuman" mechanics they added. Everything unlocked, it is a blast just running around in the game. Never gets old. Really hope there is a Mirrors Edge 3 in the future. Maybe with more depth than just the parkour part to bring more people in. Got alot of promise imo. First person is the only thing that is really enjoyable imo.

  5. Who is the character on the thumbnail? Holding blades

  6. All these games is nice and I will definitely check out somebody’s and I like your videos

  7. Mirror's edge catalyst is not too bad, thought it didn't surpassed or came equal to it's predecessor it's still a very worthy game to play.

  8. isnt ghostrunner just a better looking karlson

  9. I'm surprised dying light and dying light 2 didn't make it on this list

  10. I knew there would be mirrors edge and dying light

  11. All ax games's parkour mechanics can beat this list easily

  12. How can u forget Watch Dogs 2 and AC origins

  13. Dude we're the heck is Warframe and those marvel and DC games

  14. Ghostrunner is awesome. The atmosphere and music are great. Playing that game with cranked graphics at high framerates on an Ultrawide monitor looks incredible.

    The game is really hard and that's a part of it's charm. Once you finally beat that tough section you feel like such a badass. It's similar to Super Hot in that way. Would recommend everyone try both.

  15. Catalyst is not bad. It's just hard to capture the unique experiance Mirror's Edge had back in 2008 when no other games played or looked like it.

  16. Bro can do better parkour than me in assassins creed 💀

  17. If you are new to parkour games , I suggest you to play Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag and assassin's creed unity

  18. I’d low-key included the Original Tomb Raider games in this. You can get quite flashy with it to be honest.

  19. disagree, downward is a shit. I mean i didn't know where to go and what to do that game drops you into deep see with stones in shoes and bag on head because THAT FLYING SHIT FROM EPILEPTIC WARNING EXAMPLES USUALLY DON'T WORK BUT WHEN IT DOES IT DOESN'T HELP YOU

  20. I don't give a fuck about firstperson platformer.

  21. I love Assassin's Creed parkour but what I hate the most about the parkour in-game system of series is the "automatic parkour" thing while only pressing W and shift I mean what's point of the whole parkour thing if half of the time we're not feeling like we're controlling it?

  22. price of Persia is also a parlour and fantasy action game but u didn't mention it🤔

  23. Ghost runner really looks like karlson but better

    Oh oh karlson, karlson is just a lil ga-

  24. Ghost runner is awesome so realistic so gory whooo

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