12 BEST Mouse & Keyboard Games You HAVE TO PLAY On Xbox In 2021

One of the great things about Xbox consoles is their ability to use both controllers AND mouse and keyboard inputs for certain games. There’s been a ton of games adding this functionality over the last few years, but here’s our list of 12 games you can play right now!

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  1. You can use a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox Series S to play Battlefield 1 ????

  2. Literally just need kbm support on oblivion

  3. You sound like the lady from forks horizon 5

  4. When it's rainbow six siege coming with mouse and keyboard support

  5. Announce world fairs for plan co I needed it

  6. I have just finished The Medium.
    Didn´t expect this ending.

  7. I love games that have mouse and keyboard support.

  8. I hope that when Among Us comes to Game Pass, it has Mouse & Keyboard support

  9. Need to allow games that are ONLY keyboard and mouse. That way we can get all those great PC only games ported over

  10. Assassins creed Valhalla and Imortals fenix rising is working with keyboard and mouse too

  11. THANk YOU FOR UPDATING THIS I saw your video 9 mounted ago on this and I wanted to see if there’s an update thanks

  12. I want Gang beasts on game pass plz XBOX GAME PASS 😪❤️❤️

  13. All games should support K+M WITH THE EXCEPTION of competitive MP FPS games, unless they have 100% STRICT input method matchmaking. You CAN NOT mix input methods in MP FPS games and there is no Controller vs M+K 'DEBATE' ….Only ignorance and opportunists.

  14. I just started using k&m really struggling after years with controller! Warzone is maybe not the best place to start

  15. Keyboard and mouse on console is cool especially fortnite. But the input delay is giving me a huge disadvantage in competitive gaming

  16. The Command and Conquer games are backwards compatible for Xbox One and Xbox series.

  17. I want mouse and keyboard for Cyberpunk 2077. But just for selling junk in my inventory.

  18. I hate pso2 because of my asshole ex girlfriend told me to play it all the time when I had other games to cover on the backlog. I give it a try eventually but my ex girlfriend ruin the game for me so unfortunately seeing pso2 just brings back bad memories of her plus she killed the fun to the game and made figuring out the game and exploring what the game had to offer which made it boring when my ex explained it and made me not want to play it plus my ex was so obsessed with it that is destroyed the relationship between me and her and her personality as well. So pso2 deserves to burn in a dumpster fire. I hate it that much and far less so I care about that relationship killing game.

  19. Just bring age of empires to gamepass console pls.

  20. If. I wanted to play on mouse and keyboard I would play with the cheaters on PC I left PC gaming for Console gameing because of the Cheating and hackable games

  21. How do people manage with a keyboard and mouse from their lounge?

  22. I wish every game would allow mouse and keyboard support 😔

  23. Console was and is ment to be played with a controller NOT a keyboard and mouse….as keyboard and mouse is for a pc

  24. Very nice games , loving my xbox series x 👌🙌

  25. Right but mouse acceleration is ruining the experience you guys should tell them to fix it soon

  26. Waiting for PUBG Keyboard and mouse😅

  27. Such a shame you can't play the age of empire games on the series x with keyboard and mouse plugged in

  28. Wargroove too. It’s on Game Pass as well, which is a plus!

  29. All Games with Cross-Play should have M&K support

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