12 BEST Mouse & Keyboard Games You HAVE TO PLAY On Xbox In 2021

One of the great things about Xbox consoles is their ability to use both controllers AND mouse and keyboard inputs for certain games. There’s been a ton of games adding this functionality over the last few years, but here’s our list of 12 games you can play right now!

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  1. Why isn’t Minecraft story mode kbm supported

  2. I wanna play halo MCC with keyboard and mouse man

  3. I love how they treat warzone like it's own separate cod 🤣 warzone it just a free way to play one cod game mode

  4. I know nobody cares, but I just bought that same controller at 0:04 . It was super cool it see it in this video 😎

  5. Jofkktkfk Du warst zu faul meinen namen zu lesen says:

    Whats about GTA 5 ??

  6. Outriders support mouse and keyboard on: Xbox one, Xbox series x and s

  7. Prey, Dishonored 1 and 2 and Bioshock 1 and 2 would be awesome. Would make me looking for gaming laptops and upgrade from One X to Series X instead. Bethesda is doing great with the optimisations, now we just need mouse and keyboard!

  8. Every game should support it, if Xbox just capitalized on it somehow they would have cheap pc players even buying their systems

  9. If all xbox games had mouse + keyboard I could sell my gaming pc and save a fortune

  10. I’m happy Xbox made some games keyboard and mouse optional and I think that’s cool I hope they make many other games like that as I think they should do more shooter games like battle front, apex legends, ETC but that is my opinion as others people have different game chooses

  11. Warzone isn’t a stand alone game change my mind

  12. We want every game to enable keyboard and mouse support !! That is a shame you can not play doom eternal with mouse and keyboard….POE…..ark survival evolved….( Actually you can but u can not set your keyboard key).

    That sucks…!!

  13. Diablo 2 resurrected hopefully supports mouse and keyboard on the Xbox series x

  14. Can you just make games that people would enjoy playing mouse and keyboard instead of what you guys want keyboard and mouse

  15. I know I am late but why doesn't city skylines have mouse and keyboard support for Xbox?

  16. When Halo master chief collection doesn't make it on the list 😔

  17. destiny 2 on controller is just unfair when u have to be playing fast. Does that allow keyboard and mouse

  18. I wish halo 3 had keyboard and mouse capability on Xbox 😔

  19. Its realy nice to play games with mouse and keyboard on your console cheeper than playing on pc

  20. Can mouse and keyboard work on Saint Row IV ???

  21. Waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition M&K support on Xbox One (might be a long wait). I'm currently replaying Halo 3's Campaign on MCC with mouse and keyboard… (I'm getting used to it). By the way, Microsoft's website says Xbox One's M&K supports only wired USB connections, not wireless… and I have confirmed that myself.

  22. sea of thieves and ARK are my all time favorite

  23. right now im using mouse and keyboard in the edge browser on my xbox series s. its just great. there should be more games with mouse and keyboard support.

  24. Don’t forget Quake And Doom 64’s M&K Support

  25. This video is great thanks! Does mouse and keyboard work well with Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Xbox Series X? Thinking about getting it, but always hated targeting with right analog stick vs mouse.

  26. Grounded doesn't work ark doesn't work Sea of thieves doesn't work

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