100% Completing HARDCORE Roblox Doors

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  1. when socks is been killed by ambush he's electricity and fall off by the chair😂

  2. Don’t touch the key if it’s says 2 all of you😂😂

  3. 3:32 bro got combo…d
    Edit : and again 4:24
    Edit2 : 4:45 even jooice
    Edit3 : bruh the killer too 5:59 to 6:03
    3dit4 : 7:17 .. again the killer…. and eyes
    3d1t5 : NOW GOT EVERYONE COMBO WITH CHAOS 11:18 to 12:00

  4. I m very sad buz he falled down in the video😢😢😢😢😢😢

  5. bro made 10 hours of footage and edited 92.5% of it out and edited the rest. ya couldve just also made a video of the entire footage for bingers to watch not me ofc

  6. Do you not know what the crusifux (cross) well it kills the entity’s it does not kill figure or seek I am not sure about eyes or halt

  7. Socks hates british people so much that he looked at jocieeeeeeee and died

  8. It’s funny how you get to attempt 50 at door 50

  9. Can I play with you guys I am in the discord and I am subscribed and I have like this video so can i

  10. heres some facts about super hard mode for you guys
    super hard mode was a april fools joke mode which is why figure looks like an noob outfit and seek is in a car
    the new entitys in the mode are different amost like reskins of rush
    the guy in the white hoodie is jeff the killer I SWEAR IF YOU HAVENT HEARD OF THAT I WILL KILL Y-
    the purple mouth thing is called "greed" it attacks you if you grab to much coins it can also instent kill
    eyes apears alot more then normal.
    and uh thats all i guess also if that helps even though you already made the video your welcome

  11. The guy with the knife and with the scary face is Jeffy the killer I mean Jeff
    And I like your videos

  12. blaza wasn’t swearing in this video 🤔

  13. “MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU!!!” – Blaza 2023

  14. U needed to play the update in january and the hardcore is an april fools update and now only in vip servers are playeble

  15. play baby in yellow pls and btw love the vids<3

  16. 🎉🎉🎉 congrats stupid SuperPawn mode

  17. The cruicfix means any entiny like rush and ambush can crucified anything like seek

  18. i think you should play blox fruits again and reach secon sea

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