10 Games Where You PLAY AS THE ZOMBIE

Everyone loves a good zombie video game. Here are favorite games where you actually PLAY as a zombie (and sometimes a skeleton-zombie).
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  1. This could be an entry for a sequel list, back 4 blood, it has a multiplayer mode with cleaners vs infected.

  2. Another one in on a technicality….Friday the 13th and playing as Jason.

  3. Check out "Soul Reaver" he's a vampire-zombie. Eats souls instead of brains. No bottom jaw. 💀

  4. Find it funny that practically all the games on the list are multiplayer vs modes.. and even when some singleplayer did come up.. you are still the good guy.. just with different abilities than normal.. or no new abilities just is aesthetic

  5. Isn't [PROTOTYPE] in a
    weird way a zombie game?

    I mean if we're being
    technical..sure in the
    first one you play as
    the Blacklight virus,
    but..! In the sequel
    you get to see things
    from the perspective
    of someone INFECTED
    by said virus.

    I'd like to hear
    your opinion
    on this.

  6. There actually is a game mode in the first Pvz game that lets you play as the zombie. You have to unlock it, and it’s very limited, but it’s there

  7. The first pvz on console did a versus mode against friends one person as plant and the other as zombies

  8. Call of duty black ops 2 has a turned mode which you play as a zombie or a surviver

  9. L4d2 you can play as a special infected or survivers the worst to play as a special infected is the jockey its really annoying for example(this actually happened to me) : the jockey when i just got out of the saferoom he literally grab me to the hunter i was on expert so 30 seconds i died my bot teammates one was pound by the charger one was by the smoker and rochelle was shooting the charger who was pounding coach and ellis still getting grab by the smoker meanwhile i was dead by the hunter that deals 15 damage 💀

  10. Also in arcade mode of PvZ you can be zombie team in the defense game

  11. Next should be the boyfriend killing girlfriend lol

  12. Call of duty black ops 2 had ah be ah zombie mode with a dlc

  13. I like the online game on ArmorGames: Sonny

  14. Left 4 dead 2's versus mode is better, because there are 3 new infected and it is my childhood

  15. I remember a zombie game that I watched. u played as a mad scientist assistant taking over the world with zombies and then after a certain level passed the main enemy is then revealed as the mad scientist being a blue or purple zombie ur zombies are green could u possibly find this game I don't remember this game name sadly.

  16. Dying Light's main character Kyle Crane is technically a zombie, he gets infected at the beginning

  17. ill never forget about Left4Dead whenever i had money i go to gaming club and play Left4dead w my friends, i loved to play as jockey

  18. You forgot the classic jonh the zombie was made by a brazilian

  19. you forgot call of duty black ops 2 zombie were there a map were you play as a zombie

  20. Stubbs the zombie was my favourite childhood game I loved playing it and listening to the oldies while spreading the virus around town 😊

  21. There is a Zombie survival simulator in Mobile called "Extra Lives" by MDickie where you get to turn into a zombie and keep on playing the game

  22. There was a Michigan where one person was plants one was zombies in pvz 1

  23. I wish rdr2 had a zombie mode. Just imagine sneaking through the streets of saint denis while there are tons of zombies standing arround. Now imagine the same think in online…

  24. In my opinion, Stubbs is the best zombie game to play, seriously!

  25. I miss teenage zombie. I loved that game.

  26. Just to let you guys know, the witch from L4d2 isn't playable.

  27. Fun fact if you have pvz for the xbox 360 you can play as the zombie in VS mode

  28. Bro how is deep rock a spin off to l4d2 it’s literally who can get blackout drunk first simulator

  29. We are all glad you were able to be there for the ceremony Mark, you dont need to thank us we all need to thank you!!

  30. Question: Would Prototype be considered a zombie game?

    You are infected.

    You eat people.

    Base infected are essentially zombies.

  31. Where's Black Ops 2's Turned gamemode? first thing that popped up in my head lol

  32. Shadow of War has Talion as a revenant. Big difference.

  33. I think dying light's take on "Be the zombie" was by far the best done, left for dead following close afterward, but that is just my opinion

  34. Sorry to be that person, but there are small extra bonus levels in the first Plants vs. Zombies game where you play as the Zombies

  35. Just saying if you played on a console for plant vs zombies you could play a vs multiplayer mode where you chose plant or zombie with two controllers

  36. Stubbs the Zombie: a slice of fried gold

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