10 Games That COPIED Fortnite

10 Games That COPIED Fortnite
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  1. Seriously “roblox copied fortnite” roblox was created in 2006 :/

  2. Ok, theres a difference between a game IN roblox than the game for app store/Google store.

  3. Fun Fact creative destruction was made before fortnite

  4. Alternate title : 10 games that better than fortnote

  5. Surprised Ugandan knuckles battle royale wasn't here

  6. He says that Roblox took inspiration from minecraft when Roblox was made 3 years earlier 2006, whereas minecraft was 2009

  7. Roblox is created before Minecraft so it isn’t like they stole the idea with blocks

  8. The funny thing is I'm Watching and 2021 And galactus was not the tier 100 at least I know from YouTube and Google I started on chapter 2 season 3 but I was on mobile and did not know it would not update 2 seasons 4

  9. 4:40
    Son: mom can I get Fortnite
    Mum:No you already have Fortnite at home
    The Fortnite at home:

  10. I love your guys but do you know what a battle royale Genre yeah some of them might hi Fortnite inside of it or the differences you’re still making a battle royale game

  11. Bro the thumbnail for roblox THAT FACE IS NOT EVEN IN ROBLOX

  12. I have an idea: Call #2 RRWFB. Now it isn't so hard to say.

  13. I not on weekend not on vakantion but i Just dont want go to school ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

  14. roblox was made 2 years before minecraft duh

  15. not every game where you can use guns and dance is a fortnite ripoff

  16. Island royals is a better roblox fortnite ripoff

  17. Fun fact: Roblox is.copying dances.from fortnite

  18. Your saying roblox copied minecraft a bit when roblox was made before minecraft

  19. ☆゚.*・。゚Sharky_Hazel boi☆゚.*・。゚ says:


  20. He sounds like he's dead inside 🤣🤣🤣

  21. More specifically battle royale because what does this have to do with save the world

  22. you’ve gotten way more energetic in a good way, you are pretty 😐 in this vid, in the latest few months you’ve been like 🙂

  23. We’re now gonna ban all fortnite games in Roblox mobile because someone in our group tried it and it was awful so uh yea a 1 year ban why not

  24. The amount of lazyness into the"sUbScRiBe Or TeN YeArS Of BaD LuCk"

  25. pov: he said rooster and fortnite added chickens in season 6

  26. Ogs will know that minecraft came out in 2009 and Roblox came out in 2006!!! You are not an epic gamer

  27. Arsenal? Arsenal Copied CS GO not fortnite

  28. 'takes inpiration from minecraft' is actually a wrong statement. roblox was created in 2006 and was playable. minecraft was created in 2011 and was playable so, that means the minecraft copied roblox.

  29. It’s ok if roblox copied bc so many sweaty people

  30. Tommy doesn’t realize that ROBLOX WAS ACTUALLY BEFORE MINECRAFT

  31. For some of these games is like you saying fortnite riped off PUBG

  32. I expect most people to play creative destruction cause it is the most well made game and it is mobile so fortnite mobile players can play that

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